Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III mini review: The Halfling

28 November 2012
Design and software experience coming straight from the most successful droid of all times, packed in a shell that's far easier to pocket. Now, who wouldn't want some of that? The Samsung Galaxy S III mini is the company's most premium compact Android smartphone and is here to prove...

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  • shan
  • ftV
  • 17 Mar 2014

The problem I have with m s3mini is that I can't download anything online. No option for download while on line. Pls I need help, love the phone!

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    • Anonymous
    • 9La
    • 11 Mar 2014

    rinni, 29 Nov 2013Can you play candy crush and coiun dozer on s3 mini? Please replyyes u can

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      • Anonymous
      • 3sE
      • 23 Jan 2014

      I want to know which year it made it

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        • Anonymous
        • fuv
        • 22 Jan 2014

        Some features are on my samsung galaxy s3 mini others are not..The notification bar for my phone instead of GPS mine is DATA i dont undestand can u explain to me please

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          • rinni
          • amc
          • 29 Nov 2013

          Can you play candy crush and coiun dozer on s3 mini? Please reply

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            • Ridiceleo
            • fuv
            • 06 Oct 2013

            Can i play temple run with this 4one.

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              • chases
              • fsT
              • 02 Aug 2013

              Hey how can I set 3G on my phone

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                • @hagopngh
                • xJc
                • 01 Aug 2013

                I expected much more from Samsung when I bought this phone but here r the reasons why im disappointed:
                1-bad battery life(need to charge at least once during the day with normal use)
                2-no light sensor for auto brightness control
                3-no notification led light
                4-volume buttons and lock button bad positions
                5-Bad screen visibility under sunlight

                Best sized device:screen phone ever built. but having the above points I do not recommend buying this device. Samsung could hace made better sales with this device.......


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                  • Javaid
                  • rJH
                  • 12 Jul 2013

                  jeahjeah, 21 Jan 2013That's bullshit! tell me one reason why s3 mini sucks? is ... moreIs s3 mini available in india plz reply

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                    • mpho
                    • Np}
                    • 09 Jul 2013

                    i want to buy this phone is it good or bad phone

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                      • venice12
                      • t7r
                      • 09 Jun 2013

                      is samsung galaxy s3 mini screen is gorilla glass?

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                        • afiXtinieY
                        • KZ8
                        • 31 May 2013

                        If this phone doesn't have nfc out of the box , then Galaxy s2 for the bigger screen

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                          • AnonD-144316
                          • t7N
                          • 28 May 2013

                          AnonD-69772, 13 Feb 2013Hi.. it has no move to sd function. . What if the internal ... moreHi.

                          All apps are automatically saved on the internal memory.

                          As far as I know, mostly, if not, all Jelly Bean phones do not allow transfer to SD card function.

                          You can have your phone rooted (but I think it's not very conventional. ) or download a program to your PC that allows the transfer of apps to the SD card.

                          I hope this helps.

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                            • binodnarayan001@gmai
                            • Hkq
                            • 14 May 2013

                            very very good

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                              • Juros
                              • a43
                              • 12 Apr 2013

                              You know this unit s3mini we download the hotspots app.but not working

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                                • haider awan
                                • KIC
                                • 09 Apr 2013

                                i like this phone

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                                  • Thugnificent
                                  • f3Y
                                  • 31 Mar 2013

                                  I have had this phone for about 2 months now and an almost completely happy with it. 1 question though, was it not supposed to have some sort of smart "screen rotation" that can tell whether you're viewing content lying by your side or from an upright position? If so, how does 1 activate it?

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                                    • AnonD-69772
                                    • Kg}
                                    • 13 Feb 2013

                                    Hi.. it has no move to sd function. . What if the internal memory are used up. Does the apps transfer to the SD automatic ?whenever I install an apps. What are the other options. I hope Samsung will include this function of ever the will have an update. Thanks!

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                                      • AnonD-63234
                                      • y$e
                                      • 03 Feb 2013

                                      this is a nice phone. glad i bought it. can play mass effect gta 3. but not modern combat 4. running game 2D very smooth. responsive and etc etc. this is my chosen phone that's fulfill my needs :D

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • Kxq
                                        • 01 Feb 2013

                                        here in Indonesia, Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III Mini price is only US$10 higher than Samsung I9070 Galaxy S Advance.

                                        it's hard to choose between those two phones.
                                        Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III mini has slightly better specs & software, but lack of ambient light sensor, and the design is not my taste.
                                        Samsung I9070 Galaxy S Advance has better design with curved screen (i know that design is personal preferences, but still...), and so on.

                                        i hope Samsung will lower the price of Galaxy S Advance a little further, so i can finally make my decision...