Google Nexus 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III: Fan favorites

21 December 2012
Android devices come from all walks of life, but in each generation there is a "chosen one". In 2012, it's the Nexus 4 and, as an overall package, this is probably the best Google has ever delivered. Yet, by a mean twist of fate, it has the most formidable...

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  • utL
  • 09 Jun 2013

abdullah, 24 Mar 2013I have problems in my mobile s3 all my photos in gallery is... morePress the options button, the bottom left buttton on ur phone.. select view by.. choose contents in phone..

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    • KgQ
    • 28 May 2013

    why do people without using a nexus 4 comment on it?
    I have sold my sgs3 for my nexus 4 simply because it used to lag!
    I am using my nexus 4 for a month now and just got switched off because battery was low
    And for people concerned about the battery, I USE MY NEXUS 4 FOR A DAY WITHOUT CHARGING
    And for people concerned about storage, I GOT 50 GB ON BOX!
    So all my pics and videos are uploaded on it
    And till now I've never felt the need of a 32gb space
    Moreover of u need more space, root and remove all bloatware!
    The only wish I'd have before dying is to see a nexus 4 running 4.2.2 lag :p

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      • Mau
      • Hkt
      • 26 May 2013

      mrmjv, 23 Dec 2012I have both and the nexus 4 is a far better user experience!!!Hi frnd pls tell wich phone I buy nexus 4 or s3

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        • fuv
        • 01 May 2013

        So will the Nexus work in South Africa? I will only get it if I find a friend coming from the USA, here it cost about $1000.00 (for the 8gb version)!!! Definitely take the S3 here as it is roughly $700.00 If the Nexus does not work on a South African network it is a deal breaker. No SD card is just crap.

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          • 27 Apr 2013

          reals3, 15 Jan 2013Nexus 4 screen size is 4.7 but bottom 1 inch is fixed for h... moreNot when you flash custom rom its not. Navbar gone. So is status bar. I get the entire screen.

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            • captain
            • Bqv
            • 08 Apr 2013

            How do I retrieve deleted files

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              • 3Jb
              • 08 Apr 2013

              2013 year of 4G enabled handsets..

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                • abdullah
                • sty
                • 24 Mar 2013

                I have problems in my mobile s3 all my photos in gallery is not open from gallery

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                  • AnonD-123553
                  • Iwq
                  • 14 Mar 2013

                  I tried both phones at work and would be hard-pressed to tell which one is technically superior to the other. The Nexus 4 looks and feels better though, keeping in mind that the looks were achieved in part by sealing the battery in so that sturdier (and prettier) material could be used on the back of the Nexus. Also the rounded edges of the S III give it a retro look that not everyone, myself included, appreciates. The display on the Nexus is definitely better, and that is ultimately why I chose it as my personal phone.

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                    • KSg
                    • 07 Mar 2013

                    nope...powerVR SGX 554 is the king....

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                      • Janika
                      • q}x
                      • 19 Feb 2013

                      This is a no brainier, After owning several android phones, including a Samsung Galaxy, I got the Nexus4 and never looked back. My brother was a Windows fan and after seeing mine, now he also has a Nexus4 and he loves it. This phone never seems to slow down and the screen is awesome. Honestly I don't get how sammy justifies their high price for the S-III when the back cover is made of flimsy plastic. The screen is about the same, but the touch of the display is much smoother on the Nexus. Highly recommend the Nexus 4 and now it's available. Shipping took less than one week on my brother's Nexus.

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                        • mjL
                        • 17 Feb 2013

                        i hads Samsung s3 & N4 BY SO fare the N4 is the best phone i have ever Google nailed

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                          • t78
                          • 16 Feb 2013

                          LG Nexus 4 clearly WON!

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                            • AnonD-109744
                            • vV5
                            • 13 Feb 2013

                            Again indeed adreno320 is king of graphic...

                            And the sammy ass3 is weeker than this nexus4....

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                              • AnonD-111984
                              • uS6
                              • 12 Feb 2013

                              Press Volume down button and power button

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                                • leozanic
                                • PSc
                                • 07 Feb 2013

                                How can I do screen capture on N4.???somebody tell me pls.

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                                  • vV5
                                  • 07 Feb 2013

                                  Indeed...the adreno320 is the king of gpu right now...

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                                    • I hate plastic too
                                    • vV5
                                    • 07 Feb 2013

                                    Nexus4....very very "GOOD" price from lg...
                                    This year lg offer better value added ...
                                    A healthy competition....

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                                      • 04 Feb 2013

                                      Luke, 26 Jan 2013"People reading this on retina displays......" l... moreIt's not just that.

                                      Even in DPI, phones like the Xperia S managed to beat any iPhone in both number of pixels (720p vs. that weird iPhone 5 res) and DPI. Yes, older Androids have higher DPI.

                                      On tablets, same thing. Nexus 10 should ring a bell.

                                      I don't get this indirect marketing of Retina screens on tech blogs. OK, retina is probably a trademark, but readers will infer that they are the highest DPI screens out there, when that's by far not the case.

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                                        • chrille
                                        • d$b
                                        • 26 Jan 2013

                                        i don't get it. The charts on your contrast ratio. In your brightness table the Nexus get the value of 1341 with 100% contrast ratio but the chart further down it suddenly get a value of 1926. And the SIII get 3419 when you a bit further up said it had infinite contrast ratio.

                                        I am getting dizzy!