Sony Ericsson K510 review: Unexpected contender

29 May 2006
Sony Ericsson K510 is a new tri-band bar phone with the classic Sony Ericsson K-series design. It will be sold at a reasonable price and as far as our impressions go it would become a price/performance champion. The tri-band GSM 1.3 megapixel camera phone will be labeled K510i for the European market, K510a for the Americas and K510c for China Mainland.

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  • Habt

My k510 mobile sedenly when I press on it display continusly blink white screen what is the solution.

  • Yazz

I have been using this K510i since October 13, 2006. And still working very well. I have been unintentionally drop this phone so many times, two times get really wet, and still working...very good product from Sony Ericsson, very durable and affordable...

  • Anonymous

I can't send any sms. It always says: sending failed unknown recipient. can anyone help me?

  • optemusprime

super phone with all functions but no micro sd support!


i was in UK and i bought sony ericsson k510i with orange number but when i came back to home , the mobile dosnt work with any number
what can i do ?

  • Anonymous

I have a Sony Erickson K510i. The joystick started acting up after 6 months use and quit altogether in 9 months.
This is my first Sony Erickson; really disappointing to have this problem with a name brand product.
This is the 3rd major problem I have had with a Sony product.

  • sonyericsson special

jt, 22 Sep 2007Hope you guys can help. My k510 camera's great. The only pr... morego in the settings and there is a display option brighten the colours if the problem is with the camera than turn on the camera and select the option more which is on the right side of the screen go on effects and if there is any effect runnig turn off that effect and the camera will be fine if there is any other problem regarding the white or greenish colour or the resoulotion plz claim your warranty...

  • Hannah

I've had this phone for 7 months, and the joystick has died. i'm not impressed as this is the second ericcson phone i've had that has had this problem in less than two years and i'm going to replace it tomorrow morning. i can't send or recieve messages, make calls, nothing that involves a menu - it's useless. i won't be buying an ericcson again.

  • kaiser

k510i is a nice phone i've ever had, but it has low memory, there's no radio, but the phone have good camera 1.3mp, but it almost the same in k310i, lack of features, i prefer k700i, because lots of features, and animated themes, and the quality of pictures, is all the same with k510i, because k700i, has a 1mega pixel.. the camera of k700i is sharp and clear, i compare this two phone, but k700i is excellent phone..

  • Shankar

I am using K510i for a year.Only problem is Joystick. Battery is really good .Change the set with extra memory now it has only 28MB memory it is not sufficient one in nowadays. Mp3 player and their Chillness are really well and good.I am very happy to use this Mobile...

  • jt

Hope you guys can help. My k510 camera's great. The only problem is(besides having no memory card), it can't handle white color well, it becomes greenish. The pictures are great on good, adequate light, but too much light, anything white becomes glowing green. Can firmware upgrade/update fix this?

  • Carnivor

I have the phone for more than a year. The keypad's backlighting is very good. In direct sunlight the display is not very visible (but most of the phones have this problem). I think the display colors are very good, and you can use as a wallpaper any photo, at any size/resolution, it will fix perfect on the screen. And the camera is the best 1,3Mp phone camera. Music player is good, MP3s sounds well and quite loud on the speaker. I had no joystick problems.

  • Ray

I've had this phone for a long time now, Sony Ericcson K510i that is.
I seemed to have dropped it in some water a coouple of months ago, i opened the phone apart overnight and left it to dry until the next morning, i put my sim card in the next day and it worked perfectly. A couple of weeks later it started giving me some problems, now it refuses to even switch on, it keeps telling me i have a USB connected when in fact i do not!...and as you know when you have a USB connected no functions will work, so i do not know how to fix this! HELP!!..

  • Anonymous

A few points I do not like:

None is fixed after latest firmware upgrade.

  • Anonymous

complete review of a great and unexpensive phone.
i like its mic sensibility which is great if you need to use its voice recorder.

A few points I do not like:

* no flight mode. an incoming call will stop voice recording.

* counter in pictures & recordings. When I move those items to my PC the counter allways resets to 0. I need to create a new folder every time.

* should search contacts by fist and last name at the same time.

* no shorcuts in main buttons. (I can live with this)

maybe some are fixed in new firmware releases. I have r4ch003.

  • XXX

Could any1 please tell me does the phone support MP3 ringtones as Alarm? Currently i am having Nokia 6030, but looking forward to buy Sony Ericsson K510.

  • Ramtin

K510 is a upper middle class phone. No mem card? Don't worry. I have 19 apps, 13 games, 29 sound files (MP3,MIDI,AMR), and many pictures and I have 7.5 MB free! Could you belive? The camera quality is great, the music player is good, and no radio is no problem. There are pocket radios with lower prices and easier use. No flash? SE has a portable flash. I think it's one of the best phones ever released.

  • Anonymous

excellent review

  • Ajay Patil

It is Internet connectivity is very good. I like k510i mobile. But its memory is only 32 MB. Plz send me how can be add memory card.

  • Dan

I just picked up this phone last week and so far I'm very impressed! According to the review, the backlit keypad was barely visible in dark rooms, but mine (K510i) has a green-backlit keypad. Very visible in dark environments.

Standby battery time varies greatly (if you use camera, bluetooth and other high-drain functions) it will be about 2-3 days. With normal use (SMS, calendar, a few minutes of calls per day) it lasts me about 5-6 days. No complaints there.

Also, for those who asked, MP3's CAN be used as SMS alerts. I can confirm this.

All in all, I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase of the K510i. Recommended.