LG KG800 Chocolate review: Dressed to impress

31 May 2006
A new LG phone has hit the streets. The possible suspect is described as black, slim, sexy and most of all fashionable. Well then, we might just have some information on that suspect, Mr. Officer. The LG Chocolate phone is a gorgeous mobile phone offering a red-glowing navigation touchpad, 128MB of internal memory, 1.3 megapixel camera and MP3 player, tri-band GSM and GPRS support - all that incorporated into a slim slider shell.

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  • J

A bit off topic, but could anyone answer me if the phone's t9 sms language also comes in danish?

  • PolkaDots

Do you think this would be good, for my young teen, who text messages quite often? I have seen mixed reviews. Thanks!

  • terry

I got this phone about 2 weeks ago and only got it because it looks really good.
But it is the worst phone i have ever had.
you get no reception.
it cuts out when in conversation.
please someone get it right?.

  • bu

I have this phone and it is great, but it did not smell like chocolate when I got it. Also on the box received or some advertisement pictures there is picture shown what numeric keypad lighed red, but for real it lights white.
Here is such pictures
or it is some kind of new version model?

  • Anonymous

Airplane mode means that the GSM-radio is disabled - i.e. it is permitted to have it turned on in planes (though usually not douring Takeoff and Landing).

Why you would ever want to have it turned on without beeing able to call/sms/email/anything-that-uses-communication is beying my understanding.

My Qtek 8310 has airplane mode aswell, i find it to be a useless feature.

  • Rob Barker

Great looking phone, but it does not come with a data lead and software for PC use, I have had to send mine back as O2 spoke to the suppliers and they admitted that the lead and software will not be available for some time, great phone if you do not want to connect to a PC though.

  • Anonymous

korean phones rule! western phones are sooo pathetically crap in every way..... admit it

  • Anonymous

what is airplane mode????

  • dxs

i got one and it don't smell chocolate ? :S

  • Anonymous

Great review. I have the phone and think it's a fantastic little phone that just looks amazing. Highly recommend it!!

  • Anonymous

"The real place where this beauty gets its name is from the fact that in the Korean market where this baby was pioneered, it has a scent of chocolate. Yes, you heard us right - the phone smells of chocolate."


  • Chocolate does the d

I have used both the LG Chocolate phone and E900. the Samsung might have some better spec - but the LG really is the better designed and more pleasing of the 2. not bothered about the camera (have a decent personal one) or the spec to be honest - it's the fact that Chocolate just looks and feels the business. The keypad on Chocolate is quite a lot more enticing than the E900. Out of the 2, Chocolate wins hands down - i'm off to buy one when my contract is up for renewal next month.

  • dj

i thing its next chip comy of samsung - this time e900 :)