LG KG800 Chocolate review: Dressed to impress

31 May 2006
A new LG phone has hit the streets. The possible suspect is described as black, slim, sexy and most of all fashionable. Well then, we might just have some information on that suspect, Mr. Officer. The LG Chocolate phone is a gorgeous mobile phone offering a red-glowing navigation touchpad, 128MB of internal memory, 1.3 megapixel camera and MP3 player, tri-band GSM and GPRS support - all that incorporated into a slim slider shell.

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  • robert

if it really compares to the other ones then its a great buy. I checked Lg chocolate 3 skin covers out at internet and they seemed pretty good - they were even giving them away free if you gave htem your current old chunky case

  • sandeep

as i brought new cell it is chocolate
it is cute phone but i have sliding problem
plz could any body solve this

  • sandeep

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2007Hi i just purchased my KG800 and i dont know where i put my... morehi bro it doesnt consist of sd card it consists only 128 mb

  • nyla

why does KG800 was not included to windows mobile devices on Yahoo!Go Phone List?

  • sarah

I have bought LG kg800 Chocolate Platinum in july 2008 the problem now is that the phone screen sometimes is blank and its freezing.

please help

  • the cool guy i saw

im getting the phone with bell and surprisenly its only 60 dollars on a prepaid plan much thanks review guys great job lots of imformation i reccomended it to my freinds and i think the only reason people dont like the fone is beceause they dont have enough tecnolgie experince it is the easiet phone i have ever used! THANK SO MUCH REVIEW GUYS I REALLY APPREICATE YOUR HARD WORK :)

  • lcaffs

heyy. I just got my lg 800 chocolate phone 2 days ago, and when i text message, if i type a little word like 'it' it comes up as '48' and i have to click next to change it to the word 'it'.
this is really bothering me. could anyone helpp me? thanks xo

  • Anonymous

Hi i just purchased my KG800 and i dont know where i put my micro sd card! please help email me at sexiliciousoo1@aol.com for a reply! thanks somuch whoever helps me!

  • Vince

I own this cell phone for now 6 months. This phone is nice and look sharp, that's all. This is the very worstes cell phone I have never had. Stay away from this unstable apparel unless you like his look like me. The only reason I'm still using it is because it costed me a lot.


  • bob's phone not work

CAN ANY1 HELP ME!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
when i set my ringtone as a mp3 song, it sets fine and activates fine. but when some1 rings me it plays the ringtone set with the phone. when i set my ringtone to 1 of the phones ringtones say "james bond" it does the same thing, it playes ringtone 1 the first in the list. this is really enoying me.
also everytime i ring someone or they ring me i will talk for a little while (say 10-60 sec) and then i will get "network busy" and it will hang up, this has happened every time i have talked to some1. my kg800 is only 5 days old. by the way i am connected to Vodafone and im on the $29 cap.

i reposted casue i forgot to add my email. lol =)

  • Vanessa

Iluv the phone i'm thinking of gettin me 1 bt 4rom reading the comment i have doubts. Since the it has a touchpad does the phone have the automatic lock? plz rply!

  • Hannah

I just brought the LG KG800 and my brother blue toothed some pitures to me but they stored in others in my stuff and i can not move it so i can set it as wall paper. Can someone please help?? ive looked everywhere to try and move it but its not possible. thankyou

  • Matt

It's a nice phone, although the touch sensitivity is a little too sensitive...

  • Anonymous

i like the fone its really cool and all but the only thing that bothers me is that u cant put good songs as your message tone if u can can u please tell me thanx
can u reply to my emial thanx

  • t taylor

i have just recently bought the lg chocolate and wondered if anyone knows how to set up the email

  • hails

does this phone have speakerphone!?
lemme know! if you know!

  • Anonymous

can anyone tell me (by posting on here) , how the photos are ordered in photo album ,its not alphabetically on size, or date taken. is it completely random ?

  • jo

Please help. I've got the lg kg800 and every time i switch the phone off, the sms centre number deletes from the text message settings and i have to type it in again! Can this be fixed by me or do i need to send it to the manufacturers? Thanks.

  • Momoshiro Takeshi

Is it true that it smells like chocolate???

  • Nick

Hello! I don't think that I read in your comments something about the alert options of this phone. This phone hasn't the alert of missed calls...........have you observed that????? I think that is very important..........did anyone saw that???? I will be glad to hear more about it...............and may be some options......