LG KG800 Chocolate review: Dressed to impress

31 May 2006
A new LG phone has hit the streets. The possible suspect is described as black, slim, sexy and most of all fashionable. Well then, we might just have some information on that suspect, Mr. Officer. The LG Chocolate phone is a gorgeous mobile phone offering a red-glowing navigation touchpad, 128MB of internal memory, 1.3 megapixel camera and MP3 player, tri-band GSM and GPRS support - all that incorporated into a slim slider shell.

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  • tess

im tempted to get this phone due to its pure sleek look but it does seem to have many downfalls...

  • Becky

Really thourough review guys, thanks!

Two questiosn though,
How many SMS messages can be stored?
What would you give this phone overall out of 10?


  • huny

such a gr8 fone.

  • huny

such a gr8 fone.but not so good

  • HUNY

such a gr8 fone.

  • Corrupt

It sounds clear, but not loud. I'm using ef81 and there is no way u can compare what ef81 can give u in loudnes :). I bought this kg800 to my girlfriend at xmas. Well, she is satisfied. What more could I wish. :)

  • BB

can you put passwords on your text messages?
like before you check it, you have to enter a password

  • Alexz

Hallow...i have 1 question ...how did it sounds with mp3 playback?..loud?..clear?..please answer someone....and my white is bad:D

  • rachelle

i just bought the new chocolate phone but i cant seem to figure out how to change from t9 format when text msging. can anyone help?

  • Rachae

Ive had this phone for a about a month now maybe...

The onli problems i have had is freezing while im deleting messages..

I dont like some features.. Like that you cant save massges to certain folders, Or move things out of the "others" file. Without the comp..

And its annoying how the reception bar shows reception when its searching..

But i can live with that....

  • Anonymous

I have had the chocolate for less than three months and the light for the numeric key pad has stopped working. Has that happened to anyone else? By the way, my sister has the same problem.

  • Olivia

Sorry but i have to agree with Ronnie here. What is a phone for? communicating. You want a great beat-em-all camera? Buy a digital camera. You want great music? Buy an mp3 player. You want loads of space? Get a laptop. And I also must point out that I don't like people eavesdropping on my conversations, so I find speakerphone a useless feature, same with airplane mode. How can you use your phone without using it for communication, which is what it was meant to be for?

"i cant set my ringtone. it sets up fine activates but when i get a call my ringtone dosent come on can anyone help please!"

Have you tried looking into your settings? Touch the left key - general - personalise - call alert type. see which one you've got activated. If it's vibrate or silent, then there's your problem.

Daniella - I've looked everywhere - I don't think you can change the shortcut. Sorry.

  • Daniella

i just bought the KG800 yesterday and im lovin it xcept the right soft key is set as the net and everytime i slid it up it goes onto the internet automatically...... does anyone know how to change it into another short cut???? plz i really need help

  • dido

um... people, can i just explain that if you thing the lg chocolate phone's battery life is bad, have a look at the samsung e 820's battery life. my mum got one 2 days ago and after only two hours of having it on, a message came up saying "low battery". i have the lg chocolate and i used it for a full two days (48 hours) before it said low battery, and even then it stayed on for another half a day before it went dead. the samsung e 820 stayed on for another hour and then went dead.

  • Anonymous

i cant set my ringtone. it sets up fine activates but when i get a call my ringtone dosent come on can anyone help please!

  • Adi

I went to a ASIA mobile expo in Delhi(India)And I must confess LG KG800 was indeed the Best looking phone. So iwas was more or less impulse buying of this Sleek And Slim Phone. Though it lacks expandable Memory But still 128 MB is enough. The network reception is Good (as some people has mentioned it weakas it all depends on your service provider) The feature of storing text files is good as I can view my notes on the go other +ve is it can be used as USB pendrive . Small Java application can also be installed.Also Overall A Good phone to Buy Go FOT IT

  • Anonymous

Great looks. Poor features.

  • ronnie

oh yeah... people, a fone is for communicating, a laptop is for setting your alarms and subfolders and all that stuff you complain about. 128 MB is not bad, but i want a fone, not a laptop. seriously... its fine. it's communicating stuff is great and i have awesome reception with my one. no probs at all. GO LG!

  • ronnie

sorry people... i hav no idea wat u guys are talking about... let me explain why i am lost.

first of all, all these problems that have happened to others havent happened to me, and if you are experiencing problems with SMSing, it usually has something to do with the t9 dictionary. to enter our words without the chocolate making some of its own, go to messages > write message > text message > options > t9 lanugages> t9 off. at least it worked for me. hope this solves the problem, i will come back for more problem solving later.