MWC 2013: Asus overview

25 February 2013
We spent some more quality time with the new Asus devices and added hands-on videos for the Padfone Infinity and Fonepad. The Smart Pad Memo and Transformer AiO were not shown at the event yesterday, but they were at the booth...

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  • tracy

I cannot make call with my Asus tablet. Pls I need help

  • Gary

I love the fonepad, but with such a pricing when compared with Ipad mini, it doesn't worth of getting it...

  • Eason

something is wrong with that AnTuTu benchmark, my padfone 2 is even 22k in scores how about more the Snapdragon 600

  • AnonD-118165

Why don' you see, it's stupid. The brilliant idea of padfone is burried by stupid implementation.
What was the idea? Two devices in one - large and small screen on your demand. Plus modern powerfull guts of course. What do we get with the PadFone 2 and PadFone Infinity. Large screen is large, guts are ok, but why the heck small screen is so enormous!? Why would I need such combination? If I buy this combo I would have separate very lagre and in other ways nice screen for the situations in which large screen is needed so there is no need for the small device to be so clumsily big. 4" or 3.7" if not less would be perfectly OK.

  • FLCL

can you please provide GL benchmark?

  • Anonymous

The tablet mode does not seems to use a tablet UI for android.. Why is the software button on the middle instead of the left side? And the time and battery indicator should be bottom right?

If that is true when release.. its going to be abit difficult to use it as a tablet.. As your hands constantly have to be on the bottom pressing the software button..

  • AnonD-117477

why such a thick bazel on the fonepad? looks retarded! the padfone is off the hook though! the only downside is no sd card! fm transmitter and xenon flash would have been nice!

I think right now it's a tie between LG OG Pro, HTC One and PadFone as best of Android!

If I could choose though I'd take the PadFone and G Pro coming at close second! I like how Asus doesn't tinkle much with stock Android.

  • addie

Awesome... but too expensive!!!!

  • Jeff

Well done asus .. But you are new in the smartphone market which mean that you need to build a trust with user by two ways quality of product and selling PRICE keep that padfone with dock under 800$ and i'm in !

  • Anonymous

i slowly start dislike asus for delivering worse models to europe (no camera for padfone)...

  • AnonD-78383

Must be the padfone 3, Not really any major changes. You thought the padfone 2 was much this is going to be even more.

  • jojambul

good job asus!