LG Optimus G Pro review: Proceed to checkout

8 March 2013
LG's first 1080p droid is also the company's first smartphone to cross the 5" mark, but a massive screen isn't the only thing that warrants the Pro tag. The LG Optimus G Pro boasts a new chipset too, and a significant software update over the...

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  • asad

How i activat 3g or 4g on my lg G pro mobile plzzzz plzz say me i activated but not show on uper screen bar plzz say me

  • Becca

The quick remote is on my lock screen like 5 times. I've been trying for months to find out how to get it off ! When i go to the shortcut setting for the lock screen it is showing that i don't have any ! Please help me !

  • AnonD-489183

My LG Optimus G Pro working perfectly fine but Suddenly "Sim-Card Is Not Detected".
Tried Factory Reset but still " Not Detecting Any Sim-Card".
Tried different Sim Cards, but same result.

Any solution??

  • ashish

AnonD-217300, 22 Dec 2013Hi, I just bought a LG Optimus G Pro E988 Phone in India... moreu hv to need a miracast/chromocast divice for ur tv

  • windsori

its fast,user friendly and light.My L9 has just gone dead whilst charging ,it cant turn on,its only6 months new

  • AnonD-217300


I just bought a LG Optimus G Pro E988 Phone in India. I want to connect it to my HD TV, but was unable to do so with a micro USB to HDMI Cable. I tried looking up at the settings to mirror or extend my display on my phone to TV, but did not find anything related to it. I also tried connecting my data cable to the USB port on my TV, that was not recognized either. Can anyone suggest me a way to connect them?

Thanks in advance.

  • AnonD-216578

Just eval the G Pro with others. Youll ask, ss did I, why pay more. Look at the reviewer's comments at page 7. The Polaris office suite? Is most efficient. Doing all mist will ever need. Polaris was a Brilliant choice LG made. Totally complete. Download HP's utility for free from Google's PlayStore. And you have a cmplete office. Create/edit. Print. The super-brite, Accurate screen tells you what you're going to see in Print form. LCD trumping Super Oled again.
I boyght thus G Pro in May. Only thing that made me look back is the Note 3. But for 300 ( or 249 ) No. Fail. At nite I turn the screen to " 0 " when reading emails. Daytime. Sun on the screen? I'm still good at 90-100%.
Fast. Fast. Fast. The "Q" aps allow me to do better than screen capture. I now when i see something my people need, Qslide it with my notes on top. I watch videos with the Qslide video ap on top of whatever I'm doing. Small number crunching? Same motion skides down the calc. Same with Note taking. This has become my cinstant companion. Oh, and it talks... Ty Google!


Anonymous, 06 Jul 2013The idea that 1080 p resolution is light years ahead of 720... moreIm just curious? If you want to brag about your note 2. go to Note 2 page. Not here.As you can see, it says LG Optimus G pro.

  • kirby-philippines

is the package the same in all versions?extra bat , dock , charger , earphones , unit?some say it's only the korean version that has a complete package and the others lack extra batt and dock

  • GogaC

LG should be overhaul your UI making better hd icons, better screen images and better smooth transitions, after all is a very good Phone!!

  • mohd

I no because lg g pro is very very good model

  • Anonymous

The idea that 1080 p resolution is light years ahead of 720 p on phones is absurd. Beyond bragging rights there is very little difference; videos are neck in neck when comparing and picture resolution is not remarkably greater; our eyes cant detect beyond a certain point. And theres the question. If all these factors are true you cant compare the optimus with note 2 because theyre both different. Note 2's wacom technology embedded in the screen makes the "stylus" pretty awesome for more than writing and drawing. Anyone that owns a note 2 will understand. Lg q memo is not the same. As far as hardware ive owned the 600 processor devices and older quadcore phones and do not see a difference in response time. I saw no difference between the functionality of the newer chipset when dealing with "realworld" tasks. You wont see it. Benchmarks are only invented to remind owners of the supposed badness of their devices. The poblem is developers arent taking advantage of the new chipsets every year and so it just keeps going down the line.

  • danny

honestly, i have the Optimus G and i wouldnt trade it for a g pro. However, the OG 2 is gonna be a BEAST. But, i kind of want to get the G Pro's camera software.

  • AnonD-129751

rogerpjr, 26 Apr 2013Of COURSE I have a comment!!! Why compare a phablet to a PH... morehey! Gpro still better than your sammy galaxy s4

  • Rags

The person who will do the review the mobiles, i think he/she is a fan of AMOLED screens. I think u better stop reviewing and give chance to others who doesn't like dull and oversaturated AMOLED screens.

I think u never saw the screen richness of "Super-Clear LCD". Better see it first.

  • AnonD-137313

I still don't see this phone in Singapore, is it out yet? I really need to get me one.

  • AnonD-142729

This phone is unarguably the 2nd of the top 3 phones.My next phone.

  • rogerpjr

Of COURSE I have a comment!!! Why compare a phablet to a PHONE!!!??? ( Samsung S3) The S3 phone's screen is almost an INCH SMALLER!!!!!! How about a fair comparison. .. Like with the Note II by Samsung, LG's direct competitor. Rhe market LG was after. How about the CPU of the Note II. Also what they were after. But No.

  • ankit

this is a very good opinion its a wow phone

  • ravi.

Lg is good brand company.
lg optimus g very good battery and all phone.
And all phone. battery very very. good
android. phone.