LG Optimus G Pro review: Proceed to checkout

8 March 2013
LG's first 1080p droid is also the company's first smartphone to cross the 5" mark, but a massive screen isn't the only thing that warrants the Pro tag. The LG Optimus G Pro boasts a new chipset too, and a significant software update over the...

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  • AnonD-132372

What about the stylus?

  • gIGI

How about the stylus? Does it has one or is it the Korean version with antenna?

  • ram

this is my next phone I love this phone

  • AnonD-131177

LG best Ever, 29 Mar 2013 lg the best ever i would buy this monster i agreed lg is the best! #1

  • LG best Ever

lg the best ever i would buy this monster

  • LG lover Forever

lg won hundred redot & if design awards and other design recognition internationally.

optimus g pro is the new king of phablet !

samsung phones are just popular , but doesn't mean to be good!
lg is the best forever.
yes im truly satisfied with my all lg phones...
i have 6 years old lg shine, 4 years old lg secret and still both working very good...

im proud and satisfied with my newest lg optimus g.

i received update jb from ics.

i love lg!

  • LG the best 4me

i want this .

  • Anonymous

impressive !
please... please.... please... lg release this beautiful phone in the philippines........

we will wait.......

we love your products!

impressive camera & battery life!


the best phone in the world !
i will buy this...

very good camera better than htc one

  • Optimus G

I CAN'T WAIT to have in my hand this
superb phone IN THE WORLD!

  • Anonymous

this phone is the best !
great camera
great batterylife

great performance...
samsung copied dual video and q translator

lg so good!

  • AnonD-106654

Tiger, 17 Mar 2013I believe the LG otimus pro could successfully mount a chal... moreI'm waiting for the O G2

  • Tiger

I believe the LG otimus pro could successfully mount a challenge to both Samsung's Galaxy S4 and the iphone 5/6.

  • AnonD-125506

i have laptop Dell M13 but battery its unserviecable,any idea how to order.

  • sam

very good lg keep it up good phone

  • AnonD-125258

LG optimus G pro is really a good smartphone...recently a new software was launched for this smartphone named video control with eyes movement...read this http://mobileupdate24.blogspot.com/2013/03/proven-reasons-that-your-lg-is-best.html


I a nice camera, full hd play/rec. I love LG OPTIMUS G......

  • AnonD-106654

Rumour has it that Optimus G2 will be running on an octa-core 1,9ghz odin processor 3Gig RAM!!!!!!!! THAT IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

LG was the first manufacturer to brought a fully capacitive touchscreen smartphone with arectangular shape and round corners...( LG prada original ANNOUNCED & RELEASED 2006-2007)

all other mobile manufactureres copied lg's idea...

LG is now the 3rd largest mobile maker in the world after samsung and apple...

  • Anonymous

lg is come back!
g pro is the best smatphone right now...
evrything are perfect!

nwell done lg!