Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One: Army of two

26 March 2013
Two phones carrying such a weight of expectations that one would think they’d have no time and energy to worry about each other. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has to outsell the S III and the HTC One is...

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It's like comparing LG L15G Sunrise to Alcatel A521L Pop Star 2 LTE. The HTC One is obviously better.

  • AnonD-651112

topsky, 18 May 2014although htc is one of my best android device, samsung s4 s... moreTrue very true

  • Anonymous

Is it have supporting 4g

  • Shan

esbam, 11 Jan 2014Please gsmarena.add listing miracast capability feature to ... moreIt is very beautiful phone it is very powerful battery

  • Ajmal Siddique

My HTC one is the best… I am not saying this cause I bought it but the features is really cool and it really impressed me thus I replaced my S4 with. Only the shape and color is enough to beat and kick the S4 out of the ring. All the features that S4 owns only works during the daytime and I think that would be quit enough to impress idiots.


  • Anonymous

I have owned both phones, and both are amaizing! It really depends on taste... being the htc the multimedia phone, and the s4 for everything else. Only defect on the htc is that damn purple haze on dark shots!!!

  • Anonymous

Lello, 10 Nov 2013I love my htc one it's amazing and better than any s4 #word

  • topsky

although htc is one of my best android device, samsung s4 stands as the ultimate

  • AnonD-248707

I have the S4 and I love it; if someone prefers the HTC One that's fine too. A lot of things about Samsung S4 seem to be purposely ignored or misconstrued in the media. For one, the HTC One is rated bad by iFixit with a score of 2. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has one of the highest ratings ever (higher than iPhone) wiht a score 8 for repairability. As far as crashes, the Samsung line have the highest score of any Android phones, with a score of .07, which is about 60 percent LESS than the iPhone crash score of 1.6 (when using iOS 7.1). On a personal note, I love the display, the SD card and replaceable battery, none of which are offered on the HTC One. I prefer the sound quality for music and videos on the HTC One, but that's about it. There's a reason Samsung have the highest customer satisfaction scores of any Android device. One last side note: I bought my S4 at exactly the same time my brother bought his HTC One. He still loves his one, but even he will admit after 6 months it began to look dinged up and shabby. My S4 still looks the same as it did the day I bought it.

  • jean co

I think Samsung s4 is better! HTC one used to be my dream phone but when I tested htc one and s4 in the mall, it seems to be s4 is better in terms of camera and accuracy..

  • yash gaur

I would like to have the market price also with the mobile phones.
Otherwise it is a great one.

  • net

AnonD-196370, 15 Oct 2013S4 Has got only useless features except some... htc one ha... moreYes I totally agree as I own a S4

  • net

Adnan, 24 Nov 2013Ok! After reading all the commen ts out there.. I'll prefe... moreI gave the S4 and brother-n-law has the HTC it wins hands down!!

  • Rahul

S4 beats htc one on that

  • esbam

Please gsmarena.add listing miracast capability feature to your will greatly help in making right choice and easily differentiate between phones with ordinary Dlna(direct file share) and mirroring( screen wifidisplay).Too bad for Samsung devices because miracast function is locked in to Samsung wifidisplay Hub unlike Lg,Google play edition devices etc

  • klp1tyklop

all i can say is..noone give a explantion of why you prefer the one or s4...i have the s4 and i can't say im happy with all this features..noone of them are real usefull and to work correct must be a boring way of founding out in what position you have to stay look or move..i believe we all use the phones for facebook,bronswing,games,music..thats the most use that i do on my phone atleast..i like the screen on my sg4 and it's bigger than the htc but the body its not that good,i don't like the baterry i change it atleast 2 times each day and i can't say im doing h3avy use of it..i might play games 10min each day..and bronswing the internet 2-3 hours with some calls thats 30-35 % on my baterry..i believe htc one it's gonna have similar results on baterry test while it have 300m both have some extra features,for some is the reason to buy for some it,s not..for me nothing moves me to change to buy or sell and get the other one..the g2 makes a littlw difference now in the market with good dimension and big screen but again have a bad plastic for the inside im not to much beanchmark guy..all of these phones have.powerefull prosescors but it's up to the companys of how gonna use is destroying what they made with got some good advance from the past and lg looks to doing smth for first time with the updates

  • Mo

I have this fone...everythng abt it is soo cool!! But the camera...:-( :-(

  • Adnan

Ok! After reading all the commen ts out there..
I'll prefer HTC one over Samsung galaxy s4.. :)

  • Lello

I love my htc one it's amazing and better than any s4

  • vinu

Htc one