HTC First review: The socialite

19 April 2013
Announced alongside the Facebook Home launcher, the HTC First for AT&T is the first smartphone to feature the social network’s Android add-on out of the box. Launching a dedicated “Facebook phone” isn’t an unfamiliar affair for HTC...

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  • pitbull_person12

I honestly hate this phone, so many different this goes wrong with this phone.

  • blacterian

Pls what is d nigerian price for. Htc first

  • 1234

The phone's design and it's UI are both boring.

  • wajid khan

Great phone for people who want a newer phone with stock android on it who use ATT, and just disable EFFBook

  • tony

AnonD-139503, 25 Apr 2013I loved the phone! I hope Samsung pay a lot for doing such ... moreThe issue is with the UI. We are htc fans we want the amazing sense UI in this midrange phone. Facebook UI is really boring.facebook UI can be disabled but what we will get is the stock android UI. which doesnt worth for us.

  • AnonD-139503

I loved the phone! I hope Samsung pay a lot for doing such fake reviews using students... Afterall, the phone is quietly brilliant... :)

  • yan

AA, 20 Apr 2013Facebook wasn't happy with all the data that they grab from... moreand the nexus phone is useless.? LOL

  • yan

Anonymous, 22 Apr 2013ultra pixels?this is not the htc one...

  • AnonD-77462

will this phone be on the market for other countries, like in Europe? Like to have a sim card?

  • AnonD-31561

AntiComplainer, 20 Apr 2013I know, secret tracking is everywhere. That is why I never ... moreLOL you're mental to think anyone would want your personal information. For what besides ads? Ads are what make services free.

Do you think Google needs your SMSs for what?

  • Anonymous

ultra pixels?

  • Anonymous

It seems like a good mid-range Android phone, especially if you disable the Facebook Home.

First The HTC one pricing and now this. Why don't they just shut down the company and make it easy on themselves. Won't say too much, but given the chipset, I believe that the phone is certainly a bit overpriced by say $50 or so.
an IPS display of lower resolution would have served better. Such high ppi only ends up adding to CPU and GPU burden. They could have easily made a winner mid range handset at $350, but instead they come up with this. The pricing gives me an idea that they believe that the facebook launcher actually adds to the value of the phone, which I would entirely disagree upon.

  • AnonD-80645

jey it doesn't lag.. i said it lacks in few features and apps. just comparison to IOS and android. However it cover all basic feature you need.

And I have re flashed it very recently and its working very cool.

  • AnonD-252

Widgets and shortcuts and settings and weather and messages and... on the lockscreen, why?
I would not want anyone to read my messages... without having to unlock my phone, and is it really so hard to swipe away that lockscreen to reach the start-screen?
Today everyone is moving away from the lockscreen as a lock of the phone, to being a new start-screen/home that replace the original start-screen/home, why?

  • Anonymous

Actually, Due to stock android this device could be pretty nice.

Plus I like its form-factor/size.

But the first hing I do on this phone will be to disable facebook home and install Holo launcher :P

  • Plato

Since this is only the First review, i'll wait for the second one...hehe!

AntiComplainer, 20 Apr 2013I know, secret tracking is everywhere. That is why I never ... moreSimilar here. Symbian user here by the way, and when it's no longer available I'm going back to S40.

  • AnonD-80645

Would love to suggest.. but can you please elaborate what good quality means to you...?

Good build quality or good OS..... Generally I know people want both but you have to pen down your priorities on paper and then see which phone full fill those requirement.

I have an Nokia N9... It lacks in many areas but it full fill my needs.


  • Anonymous

Htc first is dedicated for the hardcore comment posters of gsmarena, especially those who love gs4 & htc kne