HTC First review: The socialite

19 April 2013
Announced alongside the Facebook Home launcher, the HTC First for AT&T is the first smartphone to feature the social network’s Android add-on out of the box. Launching a dedicated “Facebook phone” isn’t an unfamiliar affair for HTC...

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  • AntiComplainer

MdN, 20 Apr 2013These days everyone is tracking you. Google, Apple, Faceboo... moreI know, secret tracking is everywhere. That is why I never use hangdroid, never post personal info on social network or send it through text messages or email and etc. Google, android, facebook are main instruments of spying on nations.

  • green

a Lumia 620 with Android OS.

Exactly same design from the front. , fake unibody casing.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-80645, 19 Apr 2013lollllllll..... Rofl.... Lmfao....:P people are getting ... moreMay be my search for good audio quality phone will come to an end.. Lets see when will it hit India..
Btw i was thinking of buying xperia s in exchange to my s2.. Shoul i wait.. Opinion please

AntiComplainer, 20 Apr 2013Carying this phone in your hands and pocket is same thing a... moreThese days everyone is tracking you. Google, Apple, Facebook, even carriers have to keep your messages and logs, where you sent them from, who you talk to etc, for a year.

  • AntiComplainer

Carying this phone in your hands and pocket is same thing as carying an actual bug that tracks you entirely and in any way.

  • AnonD-79109

Way to go HTC .. You really rock.. Good luck..

  • AnonD-94869

gsmarena says that htc first is louder than iphones on headphones. this means that htc first is identical or even better than my htc 8x with beats custom headphones amplifier

  • AnonD-94869

Slim, 20 Apr 2013We need less Facebook spyware in our lives and not more. M... morethan remove your account on facebook !!! remove all accounts FROM EVERYWHERE and live free like cavemans, or maximum like in the '80s. no one forced you to use the internet today, or yesterday...go and buy a vhs vcr and a pick-up

  • rex

hey guys when this beauty will be internationally?

  • TAG

first i didnt think this phone will be great but next to read this review i must to say im going for first no debut..its best choice in mid-range with great performance and very very very good battary..\
tnx htc..tnx gsm for this rv..
good luck first.

  • AnonD-61532

This could actually be a good mid ranger. Just unistall the facebook home....

  • AK

Great ph!

  • AA

Facebook wasn't happy with all the data that they grab from users with their app and decided to create a launcher to access all the phone functions.
Well done!

Only stupid people will be happy to own this useless phone which is basically a nexus phone with Facebook launcher.

  • Slim

We need less Facebook spyware in our lives and not more. Most guys I know dont use Facebook because of the personal security risks.

  • Anonymous

superb device

  • AnonD-87222

Are you SERIOUSLY reviewing this phone? Really?

  • AnonD-130692

Now this is how Samsung and other manufacturers including HTC could re-introduce a new niche. This size and at least this hardware(preferably better) would make a lot of people happy, myself included.

  • AnonD-80645

lollllllll..... Rofl.... Lmfao....:P

people are getting mad with Facebook. Nothing to do in there life, lets check out others then.

with htc first.... Leave ur life and concentrate on others only.

poor people