Nokia Lumia 925 preview: First look

20 May 2013
Nokia refined the design of the Lumia 920 flagship, but didn't fundamentally change it - the Lumia 925 is, in essence, the 920S. The number of changes might be small, but their magnitude isn't. With a better body, screen and software, the Nokia Lumia 925 is a more..

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  • jozemwa

Simply the best

  • anil

Plz switch to symbian or android. Or modify Window app store.

  • Anonymous

please create a full review of this phone.

  • Lokesh Totlani


  • AnonD-159182

Nokka Lumia925 with unique design it is the phone that manufactured by the branded company known as NOKIA

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 May 2013Can anyone please comment on the maps of the different countries... moreHi,
We own two Lumia 920. You can download the maps of any country in the world and use it offline. They even have language support - probably 50 languages.
The HERE drive is simply amazing.It is a full blown GPS device plus sped warning and traffic. Its search engine is so powerful you just type a name or anything and it finds it right away. The new Lumia 925 should be the same.

  • SachBro

AnonD-54557, 22 May 2013The price plus specs for the things I love to do with a phone ev... moreDidn't Samsung try imaging hardware and fail miserably? Have you forgotten Samsung Zoom or that other Smart Camera they released which nobody cared about? Nokia is the king when it comes to phone photography. Even HTC tried Ultra Pixel shit and failed, they can't compete with Purview.

  • prem000143

hi friend all of u jay bhim
& nokia sale in indias much big all other mobile
so what is the reason ?
incase samsung are compare to nokia so i thing samsung is the better & best os nokia

  • Art

I need a full review gsmarena

  • nokiaman

Some of the comments on The VERGE site review say poor ecosystem…… Since when does ANDROID OR APPLE for that matter have an ecosystem like WP8? I’m talking about WINDOWS 8 for PC’S OR TABLETS, XBOX 360 soon to be XBOX ONE and WP8 ! Now that sounds like an ECOSYSTEM……

  • AnonD-154153

AnonD-43677, 22 May 2013as i said, nokia is known for failing with potential.. lumia 925... moredrkavin

Having dr in your name would suggest a level of intelligence, but this clearly isn't the case. Nokia is doing just fine with WP. Samsung can't compete on device quality with Nokia. Yes they have the cores, the pixels etc...but anyone who uses a Lumia 920 will tell you that the screen is beautiful and the software runs butter smooth. So please do stick with your highly specified Android device and don't you worry about Nokia, because WP is on the up and Nokia are king of the WP hill.

  • AnonD-154153

Man, 26 May 2013Today's flagship devices come with 1080p screens, 2300+ mAh batt... moreYou will be hard pressed to fault the screen on the 925, and it doesn't need quad core to function properly. I was Android all the way and always had the latest device. At first the devices ran smoothly, but as soon as you start loading live wallpapers or trying the various skins the device lags. I lost count of the number of times I had to factory reset my Android devices. Even the latest demo Android devices lag because of the demo programmes running on them. I have never had a problem with my Lumia. It just runs butter smooth all of the time, and the screen clarity is absolutely fine.

  • AnonD-154153

discbrake, 29 May 2013Nokia Lumia EOS Rumor: Android 5 (Key Lime Pie) Qualcomm Sna... moreOh please get this Lumia / Android dream out of your head. Nokia are committed to WP and will continue to be so, while it is growing. Why even bother trying to compete with Samsung in the Android market? Look at the excellent HTC One...great phone, but still not touching Samsung. Why do you think Nokia would even try to do this?

  • AnonD-150825

Anonymous, 30 May 2013As per your statement wave 3 is better device?wave3 was never even in the competition....its a sexy phone....but samdung only tried to mimic android.
they left the OS to die before it even started crawling.

nokia 808(1.3ghz 512mb ram) beats all lagdroids under 1Ghz dual core and 1gb ram.

  • MacroRodent

A good teaser. Waiting with bated breath for the full review.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-101826, 29 May 2013these samsung users dont know what premium quality components no... moreAs per your statement wave 3 is better device?

  • discbrake

Anonymous, 29 May 2013Not bad, but since you are already dreaming, why dont you put th... moreI'm not dreaming. I prefer a $750 price tag. ;)

  • AnonD-101826

AnonD-44737, 22 May 2013u ppl always compare hardware to hardware dont u see the softwar... morethese samsung users dont know what premium quality components nokia uses. (polycarbonate...aluminium...carlzeiss...xenon..­.wide angle camera lens...etc)
samsung only knows 'bigger is better' :P
Micromax(and xolo) producing similar handsets that samsung shells out at about half prices.

  • AnonD-101826

AnonD-136698, 23 May 2013I love what Nokia doing with WP now. But they need to bring down... morecarl zeiss and super sensitive touch available in nokia lumia 720.

  • AnonD-101826

AnonD-148696, 24 May 2013Hey, Your info is slightly wrong. The sensor in the 920, 928 ... morenokia 925 uses 6lenses so it can take better low light pictures than lumia 928....but 928 compensates that with xenon flash. thus we can safely conclude that both are equally capable of being the best cameraphone.