Sony Ericsson K800 review: Digicam in disguise

26 June 2006
Sony Ericsson K800 is one of the handsets we were so anxious to test that we could hardly wait for the phone to be brought in the office. Its highly advertised Cyber-shot camera made us as restless as kids on Christmas morning. Once we got it and before we started working on this review we spent a good deal of time experimenting with the exciting 3.2 megapixel camera. Not that we haven't seen a better camera, no! The thing is that this good camera just happens to be a good mobile phone, too.

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Awesome phone I loved it and miss it.

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    • Gtx one
    • tx3
    • 12 Feb 2021

    A time, when once time of charge last for 2 or 3 days..

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      • Daljeet Singh
      • t5{
      • 07 Jan 2021

      Good phone

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        • Foysal
        • uNV
        • 29 Oct 2020


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          • 9x%
          • 03 Feb 2014


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            • U{w
            • 29 Jul 2013

            I'm using this phone for few years..the speed shown here is 384 kbps .but iam getting only 7kbps(even in 3g) iam using airtel
            Pls help or mail me.

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              • Anonymous
              • rJ3
              • 12 Feb 2012

              I need this phone k800

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                • bawa
                • s8I
                • 02 Aug 2011

                problem in joystick and camera cover

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                  • BLESSING
                  • ftV
                  • 26 Jan 2011

                  roy, 30 Jul 2008hey guys, i hv a brand new k800i and i recently found that... moreI think your problem is the packed manual carefully(not in rush).i think this might help u a lot.

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                    • Killer 52
                    • ftB
                    • 23 Sep 2010

                    its the best phone i hade it in my life
                    this is not 3.2 megapixel its 5megapixel or more

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                      • Bhathiya
                      • PEd
                      • 17 May 2010

                      I had to replace the main board(or whatever it is called) within an year.(two of my friends as well.) After two years I had to replace my key pad. So, I don't see it as a nice phone.

                        • j
                        • jumar
                        • Lb7
                        • 07 Apr 2010

                        how can i format the k800i phone and re install software again

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                          • nx7
                          • 23 Apr 2009

                          Erick , 13 Feb 2009This is arguably one of Sony Ericsson's finest devices and ... moreErick, spot on. I have just gone back to a K800i after a Nokia N95 8G and three Nokia E71s. Don't get me wrong those two phones were both excellent for different reasons, (E71 developed faults, which was a pity), but the K800i camera and intelligent design have yet to be repeated. It was a classic and I think it is SE's failure to replicate this that is why they are in trouble. The C905 is bulky and VERY sluggish. (Way more so than the K800i). And opening the camera shutter is a pain. The new C901 which is still not available is an ideal mid range successor, with a 5MP sensor, Xenon flash and lovely usable candybar form factor and keyboard.

                          Yet, they don't launch it! Why? Because the carriers was crap phones that don't cost them too much. What's that expression? They don't make them like they used too. Long live the K800i!

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                            • tessa
                            • t7s
                            • 14 Apr 2009

                            i need to verify this one..does K800i have a smart search for the phonebook?im having a hard time searching for a contact in the phonebook bcoz i have to search it one by one..i want access a contact by typing a name above the contact so that i can see immediately the contact im looking for..
                            can anyone help me with this?

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                              • Colm
                              • miZ
                              • 16 Feb 2009

                              Have this what must be nearly a year now, and have found several annoying things
                              1 - like the K750i, the joystick has gotten a bit dodgy... Only noticeable in games, but sometimes pushing down pushes you right as well!
                              2 - the K750i had a light instead of a flash. For photos the flash might be better, but the light was handy as a torch as well... Don't have that now
                              3 - There is a very annoying "browser" button which sticks up above the rest of the keys. Accidentally pressing this costs money! I know I could turn the key-lock on all the time, but why should I have to pay if I forget this? I accidentally signed up to 2 premium rate services this way! Grrrrr! I have now redirected this button to a non-existent file on my phone, but not even O2 could tell me how to do that (in fact they gave the impression there was nothing I could do!)

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                                • Erick
                                • MAg
                                • 13 Feb 2009

                                This is arguably one of Sony Ericsson's finest devices and has one of the best camera systems on a mobile device. It is of such a high standard that the K800i, 2 years since its market debut, continued to be a compelling alternative to newer mobiles on the market and the fact that many reviewers here return to the K800i proves this all the more. And its features are certainly up-to-date in convenience and ease of use, including its xenon flash, video calling function, and personal organising functions.

                                The K800i can also be regarded as having the potential for offering most things that "smartphones" can offer such as internet browsing and email functionality. By enhancing the browsing abilities by installing the outstanding Opera Mini browser on the device and you have a powerful internet communications device at your disposal. DO you really need a £300+ WIndows Mobile when a java based design of this calibre can do all this for you? By installing further applications such as Yahoo Go you can further extend its value as a mobile companion.

                                Apart from several points this mobile is superb. Video recording resolution could be better, and Wi-Fi, a document viewer and a more robust joystick design would have been welcome. Apart from the document viewer, the C905 appears to offer this and could be seen as the natural successor to this device, but in all frankness the K800i could comfortably continue as it is clearly an outstanding pice of engineering. Strongly recommended. Buy one while you still can on the world market.

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                                  • Manikandan
                                  • ut3
                                  • 14 Dec 2008

                                  Awesome camera with strong built material.....a top class and ever green product from Sony Ericsson!!!

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • P$j
                                    • 17 Sep 2008

                                    Do you guys think that the brown colour for this phone is good?

                                      • r
                                      • roy
                                      • v$x
                                      • 30 Jul 2008

                                      hey guys,
                                      i hv a brand new k800i and i recently found that after connecting it to the computer using the usb cable I'm unable to turn it on after switching off. The only whey i could do so is to reinsert the battery then turn on. Is it a common issue, is it a hardware or software??? comments greatly appreciated....

                                        • r
                                        • roger
                                        • nxN
                                        • 05 Jun 2008

                                        anybody can help me find operating system connectivity of my sony ericson k800i series not working/compatible in window vista. i want to use it as internet connection but unluckily not.