Sony Xperia Z Ultra hands-on: First look

25 June 2013
Sony just dropped a bomb on the phablet market a 6.4" monster that threatens to flatten the competition. The Sony Xperia Z Ultra the first officially announced device to be powered by Snapdragon 800 and...

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  • AnonD-5465

3,000 MA only !!!! are you kiddin. !!

  • Anonymous

As big as a Nexus 7!!!!

I had expected it to be a smaller due to the 0.5" smaller screen and possiblility of thinner bezels.

  • AnonD-101419

miro, 25 Jun 2013poor viewing angles and contrast again? i really wish sony's... moreIt's interesting how people really read their shit, instead of just posting stupid stuff that they believe is true.

The Z Ultra is using a new technology for their displays.

  • AnonD-155091

WHY?, 25 Jun 2013Battery life sux only 3000 mah?? Dumb move SonyI agrew with you, 3000mAh baterry is to small for 6,4 display with high resolution and hungry power. Or may be sony develop new battery technology.

  • Anonymous

galaxy note 3 has 6.5" display

  • miro

poor viewing angles and contrast again?

i really wish sony's already done with those awful displays they used on the xperia z and zl.

wish I could afford one, but no flash with camera?

  • ronit

Xperia z ultra with 6.44 inches display? I dont need such big phablet..5.5 inch display is best for phablets..2.2 ghz processor is just's fastest phone right now. Galaxy S4's days r gone..

  • WHY?

Battery life sux only 3000 mah?? Dumb move Sony