Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom review: Lights, Camera, Android!

23 July 2013
Having cornered the Android smartphone market, Samsung now has smart cameras in its sights. The Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom is a crossover of an Android phone and a point-and-shoot camera, trying to put the best of both worlds in your pocket...

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  • AnonD-167223

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2013It resolves a little more detail yes. Mostly due to resolution a... moreyou are just misguiding people if you are saying 1020 resolves " a little more detail" than s4 zoom,go compare the images of 808 and s4 zoom....808 has much more detail and almost no noise....and the 1020 will have much better image quality compared to zoom not just because of more pixels and oversampling,it also has zeiss lens,3-axis OIS against 2-axis in zoom,wider aperture stop and a much bigger 1020 will crush s4 zoom in all departments except zooming...if you are denying that 1020 has much better camera than s4 zoom,then you are just being a fanboy....

  • Anonymous

MdN, 25 Jul 2013Oh come on, even Steve from AllAboutSymbian reviewed and bought ... moreI've read his 3 parts comparison and along with things he liked about this he also found disadvantages(nothing new actually under the sun, every product has both), but why should I change my mind about S4zoom if Steve bought one? for me it's nothing special in this product, from looks, hardware, performance, sensor/lens and so on, as you said it, the optical zoom it's not even a first and I'm speaking only from my point of view - the zoom which samy tries to market as the next big thing is second to iq, contrast, dynamic range etc, points in which this thing loses big time(ordinary compact). The last time I checked(generally speaking) things didn't move upwards with products that perform "just ok" but with the ones that push the limits-and this pushes only the limits of your pants pockets...speaking of pockets - another great job for Samy's

  • AnonD-78209

To thick

  • AnonD-76905

[deleted post]jealous!? lol.. can someone be jealous of such an ugly device... fanboy defending his fav brand.. lol
I am a fanboy of beautiful design...
I am not a fan of Samsung because their designs are way to ugly..

  • paco2x

Samsung Frankenstein Camera Phone

  • ashu & kinju

so nice and vry smart phone like computer.

  • t

nokia 1020 is very batter in camera ,design , quality +

  • Anonymous

mefirstandthe, 25 Jul 2013I have no idea why someone would buy this after Nokia released L... moreIt resolves a little more detail yes. Mostly due to resolution and sampling. It however does not destroy it or have all the advantages.
How about stop fighting. Samsung and Nokia are both great companies with the best mobile cameras.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-79783, 25 Jul 2013you really, really REALLY need to reconsider your aesthetic stan... moreNo. You need to not think you are some ruler that dictates peoples tastes and decisions.

  • AnonD-76905

AnonD-21645, 24 Jul 2013You know what is tiring on all of these comments pages... Peopl... morelooks different?? seriously?
it looks the same with every phone Samsung relaeased in a year or so, (s4, note 2, mega, grand,... what not? every phone, in fact)..
it would have been ok if the look is similar to a beautiful one.. but with such ugly look, no way..
it look bad as a camera (see how sexy Sony cybershot T series cameras are, much slimmer and gorgeous)
it looks worse as a phone (see HTC One, Sony Xperia Z)..

but still this phone will sell.. coz Samsung has the ability to sell.... Samsung is synonymous to quantity master.. but not (always) in quality

  • AnonD-158567

Ugliest...Phone? -No, Camera? - No, Hhhmmm what is it?
Anyway It gets Ugliest whatever award

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2013"We should be celebrating handsets like this" REALLY?!... moreOh come on, even Steve from AllAboutSymbian reviewed and bought one for himself to go along with his 808 (and 1020, I bet he'll get one of those too). Sure it was easy for Samsung to make, but then, why didn't other companies do it? Only Nokia once had a phone with an optical zoom but that was ages ago.

  • Anonymous

I think they should have folded lens that would not protrude from the body. I am sure the folded lens is not expensive as I can get folded lens 12mp for £80. This will reduce the body thickness and much more usable as a phone too. I would like to see cybershot T series like phone. Then again, who will use phone for serious photography anyway. I quite like nokia pure view concept

  • Anonymous

Neither here nor there. Ugly as a phone, not good enough as a camera. Only market for it is someone who wants the worst of both worlds.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-21645, 24 Jul 2013You know what is tiring on all of these comments pages... Peopl... more"We should be celebrating handsets like this" REALLY?!?!
"This is at least something fresh and different!" REALLY?!?!
"In terms of phone specifics, I can see this hybrid being REALLY fun" REALLY?!?!
"Let's all celebrate new tech" REALLY?!?!
"the first real camera-phone (in the traditional sense)" REALLY?!?!
"what an achievement!" REALLY?!?! what an achievement? people may react the way you described it because they see another samsung "let's flood the market with what we didn't sell last year". There's a BIG difference between "new tech" of a product thought and designed with the intention of bringing something usefull/better/new and this samy's disperation of covering every product possible by glueing together unsold cr@ppy compacts and old android tech but with the premium "S4" badge on it, BUT, you can't see it, you seem to be the type of person who applauds every BS these companies offer, good for you...

  • AnonD-79783

Tuntun, 24 Jul 2013The Handset is amazing & so beautiful... you really, really REALLY need to reconsider your aesthetic standards...

  • mefirstandthe

I have no idea why someone would buy this after Nokia released Lumia 1020.

1020 beats this in image quality, yet looks like a real smartphone. This Samsung is way too fat and looks more like a camera with a phone bolted on to its back.

  • Davy24

I was hoping that the camera would make up for the, in my opinion, poor smartphone. Now it turns out that it doesn't.
I liked the idea though.

  • AnonD-8044

It is still a very capable smartphone that you have with you all the time and solid audio output which interests me..Cant wait to get one.

  • Gerald.

Was going to buy this last week on Amazon but went out of stock.Now it back its 500quid.Will wait till it drops in price.