Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom review: Lights, Camera, Android!

23 July 2013
Having cornered the Android smartphone market, Samsung now has smart cameras in its sights. The Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom is a crossover of an Android phone and a point-and-shoot camera, trying to put the best of both worlds in your pocket...

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  • Confused product

Not good for camera for professional shots, overkill for normal social needs.

Not good for phone for everyday use, joke of the day for others who see you carry this.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere...

  • Ali

Not a well thought device. Fails at being a camera and cellphone. Samsung needs to spend more time on the drawing board.

  • Jason

A camera oriented phone that is so thick but with only 16mp? And such small sensor? Wasted...

  • AnonD-63735

I'm no camera expert. I hope Gsmarena will do a photo quality comparison between the S4 Zoom, S4, Nokia 808 and Lumia 1020.

  • miro

the moving cars have phantoms behind them.

  • Anonymous

For a camera with phone functionality, this one's got an audio quality better than S4 mini. Doesn't make sense Samsung.

  • Anonymous

the best camera phone ever, good job samsung

I like the idea of such a phone, but the design... Samsung, at least make a black one!

  • AnonD-81934

Compare the image quality with Nokia 808 in the image compare tool (set them both to 12 MP) and you'll see the disaster. S4 zoom kills the details, has purple fringing ... quality is way under a decent compact camera. And f/6.3 at 10x is the "icing" on the cake, very slow lens for 240 mm, that means you can really use zoom only in good light, in lower light conditions it will be a disaster (will have to use ISO 800 or more quite often).

Sure, if you apply enough zoom (more than 3-4x) it will be better than 1020, that is the advantage of an optical zoom, for anything under 3-4x (most of the pictures) the 1020 will kill it on image quality. And it also beats it badly on size/specs. But there is a niche for this phone too, some just need optical zoom and do not notice the lack of image details (even compared with SGS4, which is not a camera phone).

  • Crazy People

Pls stop compare with lumia 1020, check the price range!!!!

"So, it has the makings of a midrange Android smartphone but adds a big sensor, xenon flash, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and 10x zoom"

'10x zoom' means little. It just relative number of focal range - between minimal and maximal. What is important - that is maximal focal length in 35mm equivalent. 5-50mm would be 10x zoom. 100-500mm would be 5x zoom, but 500mm is 10x longer than 50mm.

This device, which is obviously not S4, but S3 has 24-240mm focal range. 240mm isn't really much. Long range telezooms starts from 400mm. 240 isn't enough for sport, yet too much for portrait. They better make it 17-200, so it would have wide angle in its range. It would be more useful.

Samsung fooling people yet again and again. That's simplified version of Galaxy S3. It has nothing to do with Galaxy S4.

  • AnonD-105611

Yeah with Lumia 1020 released recently, anyone looking into getting a cameraphone (who doesn't care about OS, but only about camera) will get the lumia. The thickness of this thing isn't worth it, it's too thick.
Yes you have some optical zoom, but I'm so used to being without it that I couldn't care less. Lumia takes photos of such high resolution, that you can zoom in later on your computer.

  • AnonD-87222

Open the compare tool -> compare the picture quality to the SGS4 -> shit bricks realizing the latter takes better pictures.

  • AnonD-70078

Jesus. Its massive. . Nokia lumia 1020 is way better than this

  • Anonymous

looks like a 20 bucks cheap chinese camera

  • Phat-t

Is there an ugliest tech of the year award? Sammy would take the cake for that

the most ugliest phone EVER!!

  • AnonD-6686

CORRECTION : about the thickness, they mean that the THINNEST part ( which is the middle part between the sensor and the grip) measures 15.4mm, whereas the sensor and the grip are A LOT thicker.

  • tani

This is just a monster, one of the worst gadgets Sammycrap has ever build...and that's it!