HTC One mini review: Meet Junior

02 August 2013
"Mini" is the hot keyword for phones – a natural response to the pocket-busting 5" inch trend of this flagship generation. With the same premium aluminum unibody, the UltraPixel camera and BoomSound speakers, the HTC One mini...

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  • foxthemad

Hi guys. I was just wondering a few things about your methodology when benchmarking. Do you run the test several times and write down the best result? Just asking as I just ran some of those benchmarks on my Mini, using Android 4.3 (stock HTC) and for example in AnTuTu I got 16654, which is a lot higher than your results, or SunSpider, 1087. Those benchmarks are somewhat irrelevant, but I am just curious. Thanks

  • AnonD-226684

HTC one mini is superb it's look like iphone 5 but minus points is it's inbuilt storage no expandable memory and most important battery back up ...

  • Anonymous

This review was done on August 2nd and you STILL can't purchase an HTC One Mini in black. The specs were ho hum back when this review was done. By the time HTC actually manages to manufacture them to meet demand this phone will be next to useless. Fail.

  • Anonymous

I would take this phone over any iphone or samsung any day. I have a HTC one X with sense 5 and its great. The same 1gb ram, same mah rated battery. The lack of 2gb of ram is not an issue, it never lags. The sooner we all realise that raw specs aren't the be all and end all of a great phone, the better.

  • @Thotho

AnonD-39775, 03 Aug 2013in every position htc mini is better than iphone 5. can you... moreHTC one.. is a beast in contrast to the iphones, it will take a whole generation to convince me otherwise, price is the only qualm.

  • chandan

Realy smart phone

  • anay

wowwwwwww this phone is to good more then nokia but price is soooooooo bad

  • Anonymous

So many days and so few comments. This phone is a fail, no interest. And no surprise.

  • Abbex

Can my phone send and receive pictures?

  • fun9

htc one says meet junior
4 months later htc one says introducing my bigger brother! cant wait

  • fun9

mini form, mid performance, maxi price
many other options out there with the same price n less, with better specs n bigger screen but not the design.
Top notch design, a well done handset. Pricy is the main trouble here. Prety costs a lot!

  • AnonD-4963

Its price murdered it ... another HTC no one will buy :)

  • Alan

Cmon people, why are you so damn negative all the time? Wah wah this is so bad, phone XYZ is so much glad that there is more diversity, more to choose from. If everything was same and "perfect" in your eyes, it would be fricking boring.

  • Anonymous

Primark, 04 Aug 2013That is because both of the handset you've mentioned will h... moreOO. And I'm seeing a HTC bias on a few other sites also, they are trying to talk HTC up, focusing on the few good things and going easy on all the bad. Like composting it with weak or old phones.

Unbelievable that they mentioned Xperia V in this review when V-II (ZR) is available everywhere already. Tells a lot of One Mini, it's so bad that it need to be shielded from the competition, like they are trying to enter it in Paralympics.

Htc just secured financial losses for the rest of the year. It's obviously their plan, no-one else outs a so weak phone at twice the price it's worth.

  • Anonymous

I like HTCs thinking.
"we are gonna lose money.
Let's make another phone nobody want.
That should speed things up"

  • Primark

Any25, 03 Aug 2013Aren't Xperia SP and ZR worthy and more reasonably priced c... moreThat is because both of the handset you've mentioned will hurt htc one mini, especially the zr lol, I'm using xperia v by the way and the ip certification really is a bonus

  • Anonymous

AnonD-78383, 03 Aug 2013Serious HTC fan. I guess he doesn't like hearing the truth :) For once an HTC fanboy is telling the truth. apart from the camera, the iPhone 5 is worse.

  • Anonymous

"If you're sick of all-plastic phones and you are a sucker for premium feeling handsets with great screens (there's a great shortage of those in the mid-range), that probably won't stop you from getting the HTC One mini, though"
How about Huawei Ascend P6? It has an excellent metal body and is extremely thin. The screen is decent quality and although it has no LTE - most LTE networks are with very patchy coverage and most of the users do not really need LTE at this stage anyway. Huawei is already higher in the smartphone sales ranking than the likes of Sony, HTC, Motorola, etc.

  • SH

One mini does'nt hav MHL... no usb on-the-go?

  • AnonD-78383

AnonD-39775, 03 Aug 2013in every position htc mini is better than iphone 5. can you... moreSerious HTC fan. I guess he doesn't like hearing the truth :)