HTC One mini review: Meet Junior

02 August 2013
"Mini" is the hot keyword for phones – a natural response to the pocket-busting 5" inch trend of this flagship generation. With the same premium aluminum unibody, the UltraPixel camera and BoomSound speakers, the HTC One mini...

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  • AnonD-39775

AnonD-165445, 03 Aug 2013Please tell me, What's the point of buying this crap? No Mi... morein every position htc mini is better than iphone 5. can you advise too the apple's customers please to do not buy apple's crap?

  • AnonD-165445

Please tell me, What's the point of buying this crap? No MicroSD only 16GB and especially worst camera..! I'm advising you, please don't buy this crap..!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-69202, 03 Aug 2013How much $ u got from Samsunghe said nothing about samsung,
and yet you use his comment to bash samsung.

please stop being a butt hurt fanboy and get a life!

  • Anonymous

Very disappointing. Battery is really poor. Camera is more poor with the lack of ois, which was what saved the camera in the Htc One, then it's like HTC mini is keeping the disadvantages and removing the advantages, making it a double fail.

1GB is not enough even on Xperia devices, much less so with Sense 5. Then non expandable storage at only 16GB, no no...

  • AnonD-69202

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2013htcs were always poor phones....How much $ u got from Samsung

  • AnonD-69202

Very bad conclusion. Xperia SP, ZR, One X+, nexus 4, S3 missing form alternatives section. These are the phones which are priced nearly the One Mini and not the BB Z10 which is way expensive.

Aren't Xperia SP and ZR worthy and more reasonably priced competitors. why are they not even mentioned.

  • eddy part 2

.. for 150 euro per month. I am using 1 GB a day. Tthat will me cost at KPN more than 550 euro per month.

  • eddy

Please, inthe future write with which LTE the device can work: FDD / FFD. In Chine is China Mobile working with Fdd an Chine Unicom with Ffd. 3G has the same problem: Chine mobile is working with Cdma and China Unicom with Wcdma. Both can not communicaye with eachother, so you have hudge problems when you bought a expensive smarphone with the wrong LTE version. In the Netherlanda you have the same problem. KPN is using LTE-FDD and only at 800 mhz and you only can use 4G with there smartphones. In fact it's a big 4G mash. Bye the way LTE-FFd is nearly 50% faster than LTE-FDD at 150 Mbs. KPN is offering a speed of just 50 Mbs max for a network that is used for up- and downloading. The resilt will be a speed of 25 Mbs, just a turtle faster than 3G of China Unicom. Something else to think about. in China I can use Skype over a GSM network. In the Netherlands you need a subribtion of at least 14.4. China Mobile made me an offer of unlimited 4G everywhere in China and with a 4G Wifi modem in my house for a litle bit more

  • Alan

greg, 03 Aug 2013where is battery test? Are u joking or what...Its in blog section.

  • greg

where is battery test? Are u joking or what...

  • AnonD-39775

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2013htcs were always poor phones....anyway better than any samsung or lg or huawei. only nokia,blackberry,apple have the build quality of htc one

  • Anonymous

htcs were always poor phones....

  • AnonD-39775

as a hard music user, i am glad htc one mini has "folder" playlist option wich is immense useful and the beats audio headphones custom amplifier like superb htc one,butterfly,8x and 8s

  • raul

Nice...but where is the battery test?