LG G2 hands-on: First look

07 August 2013
LG has just taken the wraps off its new G2 flagship and has put broad smiles on the faces of geeks around the globe. There's no two ways about it - the LG G2 is a true powerhouse, combining unprecedented ...

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  • AnonD-27512

Is it only me or that LG logo on the front is way too intrusive...?

oxo, 09 Aug 2013Bravo LG hope there will be a sd card slot when they realease in... moreIf the version here in the Philippines is the one with the expandable memory then the battery would only be a 2,610 MAh though I hope if it is the case, LG should also include an extra battery just like the package in Korea. I am dying to see this phone in real life! The black is gorgeous but it is very prone to fingerprints.

It's good to know that there is still a chance that the variant that we will be having here in the Philippines is the one with the micro SD slot. I really want a flagship phone with an expandable memory though I know i would have to sacrifice the bigger battery but if one we will have is the one with a non-expandable memory then I wish it comes with a 32GB version. LG should have made the phone at least with a 64GB onboard storage coz flagship phones deserve to have a big memory. 16GB is not enough even 32GB isn't enough!

  • Alex

Why stick with 32 gig. With the size of files growing, a minimum of 64 is needed. At least have an SD slot.

  • Joe M

To be honest this phone is nice, nothing special for a everyday users. The 5.2" is nice and all but no physical keys so the extra 0.5" - 1" is taken up by the keys (Home, Back, Settings). Now days phone come out every few month and only a rich person that has money to wipe ass with will buy a phone every few months. In my opinion its not worth to switching from S4 to this phone.

  • Anonymous

G2 was inspired by LG Nexus4 (front) LG LTE HD( back)

the changes is that button & volume rockers on the back.

Shame song funny boys are so desperate to say G2 a copy of s4? HELLO? S4 is UGLY!

G2 IS beautiful elegant phone.

Life's Good....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-12237, 08 Aug 2013Another android clone. Boring iPhone copy design as always. Like... moresince when did the iPhone have a volume rocker on the back? hmm?

  • Anonymous

LG my money is yours, G2 is mine.

  • parion

well this looks awesome!!

  • AnonD-106654

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2013However g2 ppi is lower but g2 haven't pentile matrix How so??

  • AnonD-142950

imran, 09 Aug 2013Mmmmm not bad but in fact Samsung s4 is beating you with smart p... moreThat is true samsung does have more "gimmicks" compared to any smartphone. There great to show to your friends, but besides that the features start to seem more and more pointless for the everyday user.

  • AnonD-93854

oxo, 09 Aug 2013Bravo LG hope there will be a sd card slot when they realease in... morelot will be only in korea version

  • AnonD-142950

Very nice phone LG...now where are all the Samsung fanboys hating on the device?

  • imran

Mmmmm not bad but in fact Samsung s4 is beating you with smart pause and other cool features. Samsung still leads!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oxo

Bravo LG hope there will be a sd card slot when they realease in our country with a 3k mah battery. Then take my 36.5k php/840usd.

  • P6 User

Man, the specs are nice but ITS HUGE. Can't they make phones with top end specs at around 4" anymore?!

  • AnonD-13148

I honestly like this phone. The new design of the volume keys is clever idea and the IPS LCD looks better than S.Amoled. The only thing that keeps me away from LG phones is the lack of support. Older phones are abandoned like crap. Let's see how this phone would stand against Honami.

  • Anonymous

awesome phone, very nice

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2013a huge copycat of samsung galaxy s4!copycat of S4?? nope..

It has FM radio if you are that desperate for bad quality NON-DIGITAL broadcasts...

Its has IPS LCD, not AMOLED like S4 has..

Faster CPU, bigger batt, default storage 32Gb that will force shops to sell it with that spec! :)

  • Anonymous

The Korean version is the only one with a SD slot. Hopefully that version will find it's way into other markets.