LG G2 hands-on: First look

07 August 2013
LG has just taken the wraps off its new G2 flagship and has put broad smiles on the faces of geeks around the globe. There's no two ways about it - the LG G2 is a true powerhouse, combining unprecedented ...

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  • AnonD-147044

when there's a version without SD slot then it's very likeley that Europe and America won't get the version with the SD slot. Would have been a pretty perfect phone otherwise, but the lack of SD slot really ruins it for me :( Such a multimedia device with huge screen and such must have much storage. And 32GB isn't that much for a device like that imo.

  • Kusnadi

Nice specs on paper but we have to see the real quality,,,several months ago i have LG L9 and the specs say Full HD 1080p 30 fps but when i record some videos seems like VGA 30 fps,,,And i don't wait for long time to resell the phone

  • Anonymous

bring a mini version with 4.5 screen with all hardware characteristics including very small bezel!!!

  • Anonymous

Good looking phone. Only about LG is that they don't update their phone. OS 4.2.2 will be at 4.2.2 forever.

  • YannisV

The ultra narrow bezel disappears when the screen is on like in every LG phone, the big black stripe around the screen does not fool anyone. Come on LG you can do better than that (despite the fact that you always did worse)

  • AnonD-130464

60 fps FHD is a nice touch!

  • dancorcal

will wait to see if this is nexus 5 in Oct before buying. Can't imagine Google would pass this up as the next nexus unless they have something better, but don't know what that would be though. Hate all you want...LG G2 on top for now.

  • Anonymous

plastic + plastic = plastic

  • ByronOA

Ahh looks too much like my Galaxy S3 I mean come on!

  • AnonD-110811

is the phone made out of plastic like samsung?

  • AnonD-143994

yeah, 07 Aug 2013it does have a microSD.. what are you talking about?Only region specific availability..... at&t and china only as of earlier reports

  • AnonD-173351

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2013However g2 ppi is lower but g2 haven't pentile matrix lower you say? when compared to what?

  • AnonD-122289

AnonD-18905, 07 Aug 2013Is this a smart phone or a phabletBoth.

  • Anonymous

galaxy s4 is way much better than this on every aspect imo

  • AnonD-173351

LG G2 is one of the best phone yet, with some innovative design and performance. congrats to LG, my thoughts are how its gonna stand up to everyday task and real life usage.

  • yeah

AnonD-143994, 07 Aug 2013Absence of memorycard slot Is a big letdown... But S800 and a... moreit does have a microSD.. what are you talking about?

  • omgomgomg

The "thin bezel" on this LG G2 is a bit of a rip off.....Just like on the LG G Pro....the screen area is surrounded by a quite thick black stripe. Making the final bezel almost the same as on the Galaxy G4.....

  • AnonD-151727


  • Janjua

Nice specs on paper sheet. Lets see how it turns out to be in real world. Looks amazing to get hold of.

  • Anonymous

Dream phone...