Sony Xperia Z Ultra review: Thinking big

03 September 2013
With the Xperia Z Ultra, Sony is finally turning its attention towards a market segment it has avoided so far. The market headstart of their flagship Xperia Z along with the subsequent releases in the upper midrange has set quite a serious foundation...

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  • Anonymous

Why would the display turn off during calls? This singular fact rubbished whatever advantage the Z Ultra possesses. secondly the screen cracked at the slightest provocation. For me, durability is zero.
No one want to buy and expensive item and go searching for an Engineer the next minute. Lastly, as big as the phone is, the keys are small.

  • AnonD-615282

How I use jio 4g sim in my sony xperia z c6802

  • AnonD-275228

I've got a Samsung s7 edge and it's a damn good device.. but you'd have to prize my Z ultra from my cold dead fingers before I'd part with it.

  • abhi

According to my performance it's awesome in all the performance, but only one problem is there is 32 bit operating system, overall Is excellent.

  • FredRick

I have a sony xperia z ultra, do i have to cover the hole on the right side to where i plug in my headset? Thanks

  • Anonymous

Aya, 17 Aug 2015This phone is just simply awesome. I love this phone, it go... moreSony xperia z ultra supports reliance jio 4g lte sim card??

  • dewan

i love my z ultra's the best phn I've ever seen

  • AnonD-452698

I love my z ultra, is the best phone I've got.

  • mr Diii

I was uneble to reaplace the screen becouse my own has break

  • Aya

This phone is just simply awesome. I love this phone, it got Sony's finest build quality and that premium looks that make people stare at you when using this phone (this seriously happened to me). I don't care about the camera and the lack of flash - i bought and needed a phone, a mini phablet to a certain point, not a camera. Display is simply gorgeous. Especially when watching videos. You can do like, just anything on this phone. I am a writer, and the Z Ultra has been my best friend for office and writing stuffs. Plus it has Lollipop, it has LTE, what could you ask more? And dont forget those exclusive Xperia themes. This phone is top notch. Well done Sony.

  • dienz

Nice z ultra..

  • muser man

I have this phone it's the best phone I got in my life-;-);-);-) xperia z ultra is the best

  • sangee

Confuse z ultra z2 or z3

  • yasheel mogasala

Is it safe to buy z ultra or note 3?

  • Chris

AnonD-368936, 28 Feb 2015I bought it & I care for it just like a baby but all i... moreI am not sure how you managed to break it.I have dropped mine like 15 times onto concrete and nothing happened.To be fair,I do have a slim TPU case in place.

  • khalid

This phone still beast...till now..

  • Bicky

This is the marvellous phone In whole world.... Awesome!!!

  • swapnil

Im looking for sony xperia z ultra. Is this phone ok or not for common uses??????

  • AnonD-224733

prajith, 08 Mar 2015I like to buy z ultra but the only negative point is no cam... moreDude, nobody needs flash on a camera in 99% of the shots. flash tend to ruin the shots. also for sos light you can use apps and with that gigantic display your display will show stronger light ten times more then a flash!

  • prajith

I like to buy z ultra but the only negative point is no camera flash...