IFA 2013: Samsung hands-ons

04 September 2013
Samsung UNPACKED 2013 Episode II event in Berlin brought us three new Galaxy devices, just as expected. The Galaxy Note 3 phablet is definitely the most anticipating one, but Samsung has also refreshed the Galaxy Note 10.1 slate and brought us the brand new Galaxy Gear smartwatch...

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  • Anonymous

darkcad, 11 Sep 2013deffinitly yesCan I use windows 7 in note 3?

  • Ratheesh

yet!, 05 Sep 2013Im waiting so long for note 3.. it's so sad, all plastic.. ... morewait htc one max is coming

  • darsh

What may be the price of note3 in India and when is it coming to market

  • prangan

verry nice

  • Canmin83

In indonesia we already got the price Rp 8880000 ( eight million eight hundred and eight thousand rupiah) off contract or around Usd 740 ( 1 usd = IDR ( indonesia rupiah) 12000. Maybe in us with contract around usd 299 or usd 350 maybe :).

  • Randy

What time come malaysia

  • migotka21

When could samsung reveal the prices? This month? Later?

  • darkcad

ally, 10 Sep 2013Hi everyone.I am a autocad 2007 user on my PC.would like to... moredeffinitly yes

  • ally

Hi everyone.I am a autocad 2007 user on my PC.would like to know if I can use autocad on note 3 when outdoor.thanks

  • Ayaz

how many day for available galaxy note 3

  • Anonymous

AnonD-178959, 06 Sep 2013So after this marketing show on which hardly anyone will be... more#like

  • AnonD-78209

But without s pen de note cannot writing

  • AnonD-178959

AnonD-168700, 05 Sep 2013Samsung has done it again! This is how the best phablet on ... moreSo after this marketing show on which hardly anyone will believe.Just one question:"improve over Note II BIG TIME" how???
It has a new faster SoC,but who cares,the note II is already super powerful device.And we both know to well that processing power isn't much of a help when JB 4.3 plus touchwiz is in the game.
Secondly:phenomenal 3GB ram.... another gimmick.When Win7/8 can perfectly run on a desktop with 2GB ram.And android is light years behind in functionality and multitasking.
And i dont even want to start on others improvements and how useless are in real life.
So its a nice phablet after all.But if you people already have NoteII,you may skip the third one with easy.Nothing to moan about.

  • AnonD-156767

If there is a blue version or cover for the note 10.1 i'll buy that in an instant.

  • Lauryboy

I can already see the sluggishness and some lag in the Note 3 demo in the video... this is typical of Samsung Touchwiz UI. I've moved to the LG G Pro from the S3 and have exprienced how swift the actions are on the G Pro. Even the S4 lags a lot which I blame Touchwiz for. Samsung has gotta better Touchwiz rather than keep bringing out a ton of different phones.

  • AnonD-45523

note 3 pretty much nails it for samsung....PHABLET OF THE YEAR!!!!

Finally, the two flagship z1 and note 3 that i've been waiting for is released..

It's hard decision, but after then i think i'll go to Z1 with their smartwatch 2 and their QX Lens..

By the way, bravo to samsung and sony for its technology developments.. Keep up the good work..

  • Anonymous

Galaxy Gear, "expected battery life is about one full day".

But with what kind of usage? Maybe battery life is 10 hours, but then marketing department redefined what is realistic usage, to stretch it to lets say 14 hours with absolute minimal usage, and then defined One Full Day to be 14 hours?

Even if not, one full day is not a lot of hours, in best case maybe 16 hours, i have to call fail on this one. The price kills it further, need a Galaxy Gear 2 already.

  • naing

I like.But I can't afford to buy

  • S FTW!

Mr. R Sole, 05 Sep 2013Another vast improvement :) And then you have the iphone... moreThats awesome lol