Nokia Lumia 625 review: Big and colorful

20 September 2013
The Nokia Lumia 625 is one of the last smartphones by Nokia, putting an end to what has been a bumpy ride for the Finns in the modern phone era. Whether the Lumia line will find greener pastures under Microsoft remains to be seen, but one thing's for certain...

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  • proper mentor

mike, 06 Sep 2017We're waiting for lumia 625 to be updated to windows 10. Pl... moreDo 64g SD card turn to updating to wp10 or its preview

  • trugangstadude702

This phone is trash! Hands down takes the rap of thee worst phone I have ever own and used in my life I wish I cud say better but I can't it seriously sucks that bad I can't help but wonder if this companies maker even had any good, proud, or any type of positive thoughts when they launched it on its opening day I hardly doubt it n really hope not this phone is a embarrassment to all smartphones idk how one cud even call this a smart phone cause it is a straight up piece of stinkin s*** johned out compacted piece of hard plastic I feel sorry for the other ppl stuck with this sorry device n more so for the ones who paid for it total disaster if you ask me no wonder Nokia bite dust sorry if this is to straight forward but its my god honest truth whoever was in charge of allowing its release should be banned from the phone business for all eternity if he\she already isn't hope your drive n future move forward n gets much better Nokia is like the foundation of phones since the beginning of time id like to see them make a come back n stick around much longer disappointing device 0 stars good luck n encourament to your future from your true friend

  • mike

We're waiting for lumia 625 to be updated to windows 10. Please we love our phone!!!

  • Brad

want to connect with my laptop and view my contacts that are on the phone or even copy them to laptop. can you please assit

  • moha

what is wrong with this phone sometime??the phone just hangs,you cant re start neither can you put it cant remove the battery to re stays for almost 6 hours or 7 to re start by itself.any advice pls??

  • Rockey

Arul Kumar , 04 Mar 2015My Lumia phone is not working properly next WiFi not workin... moreNokia Lumia Is Best Compny

  • Arul Kumar

My Lumia phone is not working properly next WiFi not working properly any time signal problem and phone stopped full switch on the is working.....

  • durgesh dubey

Tarek, 31 Mar 2014Yes,Nice

  • Anonymous

dheer, 04 Apr 2014Could u plz tell me how to delete songs from dis Nokia Lumi... moreWhen ur going to delete the song u just put ur finger in the selected part a few seconds then one menu will indicate their u can select the delete button and easily....

  • Rishikesh

sagar, 25 Apr 2014My dear friend present I am using android jelly been soft ... more but why ?

  • Erick

This device was very good value and is even more so now the price has fallen following the arrival of the Lumia 630 and the 635. Surprisingly, the Lumia 625's successors are not a step up technologically and could be considered a step backwards. This is because the Lumia 625 has a larger screen, it is a 4G handset, records full HD video and has a front facing camera. The 630 and 635 do not have these features. Therefore I would recommend to anyone considering the 630 or the 635 to think about getting the 625 instead. And it is phenomenal value now.

  • AnonD-311357

Photos/images are not displaying in FB and messenger. This problem new Nokia lumia 625 with v8.1. Anyone plz guide me.

  • samo

A good phone if you are not overly concern about near perfect features. I find moving between apps to be very good and I like the size of the phone. The speaker is poor and I am surprise at that.

  • Boss

Not a ClearBlack display I agree, but I do not need NFC chip if I have bluetooth.

  • shubham

Anu, 03 Jul 2014I want to buy a Nokia/Lumia phone..Budget uto 20k . 1320 se... moreGo for Lumia 720.

  • Siva

Mmm,awesome battery,camera and
it's looking very gud also
offcourse the headphones are not too gud,but it never became 'hang'.the sound qualitty is not well
nd i'm waiting for d 8.1 upgrade

  • Anu

I want to buy a Nokia/Lumia phone..Budget uto 20k . 1320 seems a bit bigger in my hand. 625 is, size-wise better. I am confusd with all the reviews... they r extremities... either too gud(user-frienddly, fast n no lag) or too bad (no maps- rotation wise, poor resolution, poor sound quality etc).. Help me out.
I don't play any games, but good Camera n sound quality is required

  • Vinay

Good mobile but os 8.1 needs to full varison

  • Harpreet dhurali

How can i update 625 to windows 8.1

  • akhil

I buyed the phone only one month it is good but it offer 20000mh battery but in my case I got only 5 hour using 3g network &its resalution is poor..