Nokia Lumia 1020 review: View from the top

21 September 2013
PureView is on its way down in history and while we loved the Nokia 808, it will be the Lumia 1020 that makes the name more than a footnote. With a modern OS and improved design of both the camera and the...

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  • Ductilul

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2014It sounds like you have a battery issue... mine is pretty g... moreYes, you're right. It was a battery issue.

  • Aubrey

This phone has serious software imperfections .After purchasing this phone from Amazon for $468 in April of 2014 the camera stopped working within a few months.The seller denies warranty and Microsoft does not have the common decency to reply to enquiries as to who will honor the warranty.

  • Prince

Nice phone

  • stephens

amazing photos I take this with me when I need briljant photos cause it is still much better than my 930.

  • Anonymous

there is no better phone than the 1020.
best in its class. Best overall.
No samsung will ever match the performance and quality and the design of Nokia phones.
It is good to buy this phone, because it's a superb smartphone withbthe best camera.

  • Anonymous

This phone is the king of 'em all, y'all.

  • kishan

I have this piece of soap bar. 1020.. Really??? Really you ppl out there found its camera so sooo damn impressive?? I was nokia freak! And when I bought this with the only primary need as camera, this dissapointed so much. Pictures caught with this 33+5 mp camera are no better than a 5 mp camera of other phones.. Pro cam app freezes the phone so many times. Yes it does!

  • AnonD-173425

I'm waiting for audio tests too. Please !!

  • Anonymous

johir, 11 Jun 2014i want buy that nokia 1020 . how it working ??it works very good, smooth and super camera the best camera

  • johir

i want buy that nokia 1020 . how it working ??

  • Anonymous

...still waiting for the audio update...

  • Anonymous

Ductilul, 21 Apr 2014Phone quality is very good. Camera awesome. Battery life... moreIt sounds like you have a battery issue... mine is pretty good, no issues at all. I enabled background tasks to save battery but how you discribe it, doesn't sound good.

  • Ductilul

Phone quality is very good.
Camera awesome.
Battery life it's SUCKS! You need an external battery to survive all day, and I'm talking about 15min. of speaking, maybe 5 minutes of soft mail accounts to push, no net surfing, no whatsapp. I'm very disappointed about the battery...maybe it's about the windows s.o. energy management.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-246560, 22 Mar 2014Hello, I am using N9 at the moment, I looking to buy this (... moreI should go for the 1020 it's much newer, very sleek and good design and more future proof. The 808 is good too but I'd go for the 1020, there are very nice Nokia apps for the camera and photos you made.

  • AnonD-246560

Hello, I am using N9 at the moment, I looking to buy this (1020) or 808 PureView? Which one is better?

(I love taking photos and videos, not so much into social connectivity, and to be able to close apps I dont use at the moment).

  • prince

it's awsome

  • Anonymous

Best phone I ever have used Nokia is solid and reliable good quality.

Four months of use and still very happy with the phone.

  • nabo

it is good

  • Anonymous

Very good phone I'm using it for some time now. Smooth and enough apps. And the black with amoled works out very well, it looks amazing. consider to buy an wireless charging cover in the matching color if that's available.