HTC Desire 500 review: Here To Charm

1 October 2013
Desire has long been the signature of the company's tier-2 lineup. With past offerings varying from capable midrangers all the way down to entry level, going blindly for a smartphone bearing the Desire moniker has been largely a hit-or-miss...

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  • Axl R

Ive had my HTC Desire since 2015. Has always worked great, both in heat. cold and it has survived being drowned in water. But the poor internal memory of 4 gb makes it har to have apps. You really need to carefully choose which ones you want since you cant have many. I thought it would be possible to put them in the SD card, but its not. Only to a small extent. So I would recommend people to buy one with at least 16 GB minimum.

  • Promod Shanker

I bought it from The Android Shop, Koramangala, Bangalore in September 2013. EMIE 3576540511522970. From beginning I faced the problem " Sim card not detected". Restart the phone and it detects the SD card and this goes on. Android shop, when I complained, replaced the SD card. Just on completion of a year November 2014, the phone collapsed, it won't boot. The HTC service center reset the whole software. The warranty was over. I continued to have multiple problems every now & then. In February 2015, suddenly one day all apps started shutting down on their own and the phone shut down. I gave it for repair to the authorised service centre again on 31 03 2015. Till today, they haven't been able to repair it. For past 60 days it's at the TVS HTC centre. I call twice a week and everytime I am assreu that in two-three days it'll be rest right.
Please do not buy HTC phones, bad hardware and worst possible service. My 24,939/- gone down the drain. Never, never go for this ridiculous brand HTC.

  • zarnom

nagendra, 14 May 2014Performance is awesome . But there is problem of heating. After ... moreThts right,this mob Is great but heats up after 15 mints

  • j p

nice mobileeeee

  • Kaka kalra

Carlos, 02 Oct 2013Great design! Umm, is this better than my Galaxy S2? Thanks!i lyk desire it is better than glaxy grand and other samsung mid range smart phones.....there is no hanging problem...i lyk this shape......thx Htc....

  • AnonD-269097

dags, 01 Nov 2013I have a problem with my htc desire 500. Even though I turned of... moreU have to turn off ringtones, notifications, music , videos and alarm SOUND ... By clicking on or off on the sound then clicking the settings icon ...

  • AnonD-269097

I bought it 1 month ago and it is great ... Go for it :)

  • nagendra

Performance is awesome . But there is problem of heating. After continuous use of 15 minutes it's heated up highly near the main camera. Please give some suggestions to get rid of this

  • dhurv mishra

I liked this company.and I love this phone...

  • ali

I like the company

  • Babai

hTC ..
Weak up..
Quadcore processor can't even play 1080p mp4 video...
Sony experia l comes with Dual-core processor ,can play 1080p mkv video,,,simply wrist of money.

  • dags

I have a problem with my htc desire 500. Even though I turned off the sound while unlocking the phone it still makes a clicking sound while unlocking. It is driving me crazy.Anyone having the same prob? I tried restarting the phone. I tried putting on the sound and off again still no change

  • vikrant

Got the hand on for HTC 500.
found the phone screen is quite large
also the internal memory to be used is 2.95 Gb(Total 4 Gb).
camera photo is also quite good.
only the price is high 20,000 (India)

  • AnonD-164229

its of Rs.20000 ...I think htc is just is good but who will spend that kind of so much money for the WVGA display...kick off for

  • Anonymous

its good and like it very much all features

  • AnonD-193437

Its superb Phone....i like the design better than Galaxy mega and stupid Lumia...

  • AnonD-134749

whats is dial sim phone?

  • AnonD-182694

I m waiting for this mobile

  • ramesz

A phone with a price tag of 20000 cannot be a mid range phone.HTC kidding us.
For 20000 you can go for 2012 flagship one x which is way better than this which costs an extra 2500.
It's worth of it's price.

I played with it 1 week ago. It's nice for it's price. I mean nicer than others for the same price. I would say impressive.
I love the white+blue option.
I'm SG4 owner so yes, I expected less from desire 500 and I'm impressed in it's price category.