HTC Desire 500 review: Here To Charm

1 October 2013
Desire has long been the signature of the company's tier-2 lineup. With past offerings varying from capable midrangers all the way down to entry level, going blindly for a smartphone bearing the Desire moniker has been largely a hit-or-miss...

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  • eddy

this test just brags about how better the high-end quality phones are, and how the desire 500 sucks, compared to them. the whole test is garbage. i would do another one and be ahamed of myself if i were you...

  • AnonD-43136

Still need to update review (dial sim)!

  • Anonymous

I love vertical scrolling on apps drawer. It feels so futuristic

  • the_seba

There is one thing worrying me here: the "glass slapped on top of the plastic" design is a recipe for disaster - one unfortunate face-down drop will most likely result in a cracked screen and a ton of stress.

  • Carlos

Great design! Umm, is this better than my Galaxy S2? Thanks!

  • jkl

rex, 01 Oct 2013i dont know why i cant work with any other brand except ... moreSense 5 ui is quite dull and boring.The application drawer with vertical scrolling is also inconvinient. Sense 4 looks better and it has side ways scrolling for app drawer too.

  • AnonD-4963

Cant believe they are planning to push this crappy phone for Rs20,000. HTC, you are NOT Apple, you cannot fool the customers the way they do.. No one is anyone going to buy your phones when there are superior phones from Sony and Samsung and LG which are way cheaper.
1GB internal memory with no Apps to SD..Wow tell me how the stock Android is inferior to Sense UI ? Android at stock allows Apps to SD, so basically the addition of Sense UI killed the phone.
Oh there are other things that killed it too. Bad battery, weaker than Rs9000 phones in performance, pathetic camera......i could go on...basically all the crappy demerits of other HTC phones (except HTC ONE which is actually good)

  • AnonD-165792

The benchmark performance is way to lower than mediatek quad chipsets which are priced way too lower than this phone

  • AnonD-77852

It's actually a quite nice midranger with great looks.

  • rex

i dont know why i cant work with any other brand except bring best plasure of using android device with modern design and wonderfull ui and design..this phone seems to be one of the best mid-rang phone for android lover for daily use not heavy work.
great job htc

  • nobody

nobody is buying this lousy hardware!!!!
[htc] you need to wake UP

  • AnonD-77852

It's actually a quite nice midranger with great looks.

  • AnonD-120979

We will be seeing Htc for sale in a 2 years or so....if this continous or atleast less than 1% share in indian market

  • AnonD-4340

At least the camera doesnt suck, thats good. But ONE GIG available storage, come on?? At this price it doesnt make Sense at all, it would be ok if it was a cheap China phone, they are so good in installing apps to SD card anyway.

Camera may be a problem but CPU, GPU and storage says Xperia L is a much better choice, AND its cheaper.

  • VJ

What a crap for around Rs 20,000, Xperia M is way better and performs well even with a dual core CPU......

  • Paximos

HTC is so pathetic.

  • x7

In PR China, phones like this with Snapdragon MSM8225Q have price under 500 yuan (like Lenovo A760, ZTE V956). Pathetic by HTC.

  • AnonD-121109

I didn't like the front, especially the lower portion. Looks little ugly. I would go for Galaxy Core instead. That looks just fine and comes cheaper as well.

  • Anonymous

Xperia L has dual core Krait and is much stronger in both cpu and gpu

  • asdasd