HTC One Max review: Supersized

14 October 2013
It's phablet o'clock on HTC's watch and they're shifting gear and changing direction. Done expanding the One portfolio towards the compact end of the spectrum, HTC are going the other way with the aptly named One Max...

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  • Anonymous

The S600 is no problem at all, it has a lot of performance. The camera is a small problem, but most of the time good enough for most people. I do however have to be very critical to the 4:3 resolution, i find 16:9 to waste too much space for photos uploaded to social media, and the resulting 3mp of the Ultracrap camera when set to 4:3 is really very low, as can be seen by comparing One to cheap 5mp phones as the Xperia U. So, not always good enough, no, definitely not flagship level when last year lower midrangers beat them in resolved detail.

Another problem is of course Sense, a true and trusted dealbreaker for many years.

HTCs favorite user obstacle for 2013 is there still, the two button config makes sure you cannot do things in an efficient way. One bright thing is they finally managed to move the powerbutton to the side, that was a severe problem with One, so bad that its strange HTC decided to not keep it on top, bad solutions has after all become their number one trademark.

Ridiculous fingerprint sensor implementation, almost as bad as Atrix, its like HTC found this in a textbook titled "How to NOT do things".

Anyway, it beats Z Ultra any day of the week, but that came as no surprise, the Ultra is super crappy.

  • AnonD-166368

HTC broke my heat......
The biggest phoblet war ever happen

  • Anonymous

AnonD-188284, 14 Oct 2013Well S600 is not that bad, I got Note 3 a week ago, but if ... moreI bet that you don't own gnote3

  • AnonD-188284

Well S600 is not that bad, I got Note 3 a week ago, but if you want decent battery life you need to keep it in power saving mode and it is slower than S600 in that mode (not bad at all, but if one cares for the difference it is a fact). So, I'd say I'd gladly replace S800 with S600 for a better battery life.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2013LOL by far one of the fastest review if not the fastest.The fastest. O_o

  • AnonD-78383

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2013LOL by far one of the fastest review if not the fastest.I'm guessing cause of the holiday

  • AnonD-153291

Since the purchase of my Galaxy Note 3 clearly nothing else is even in the same ballpark. The Note products are proven products on a level unparalleled by any.

  • AnonD-94869

the headphones' volume level is the same powerful as htc one/one mini/8x/8s/butterfly ???????? i miss beats

  • Anonymous

LOL by far one of the fastest review if not the fastest.

  • AnonD-77443

Not sure how the device thickness (10.3mm) and weight (217g) wasn't mentioned as a main disadvantage?

  • me

No Snapdragon S800 for HTC because of shortages and because they are not any more top manufacturer.

  • Anonymous

Decent handset. Don't mind the poor camera and the s600 and 2gb ram is the kind of thing you wouldn't notice in everyday use.
I could see myself buying this and running stock android on it.

  • Anonymous

Very fast review, keep this good job up.

  • AnonD-118519

I have one suggestion for HTC.
Start manufacturing great IPS or Super LCDs for other OEMs, specially Sony. you'll earn more money than now.
P.S: I know that the pioneer of S-LCD is Sony itself and that HTC doesn't produce LCDs.
this post is just for laugh!

  • AnonD-160142

Read this in 6 minutes... Shorter time than any other review I've ever read of yours o_o

  • Aadrian

That is a very fast review.