Sagem my300X

Sagem my300X

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  • nicki

yer ove got tjhat phone
its allright
but im gettin new1 cause it bad but which phone should i buy

  • adrian

its a good phone with good performance this is a phone sholb be have every body succes sagem team

  • andy v.

You can't download JAva via BTooth.
You must use your wap.Check here:
Don't worry,the Java platform and resolution are important.
Or pay:

  • Fernando

Where can I find a web page to download games for my301L to my PC then I can upload to my cell phone with the bluetooth? Just because no page I´ve found which let me buy a game for this model here in Chile. It says " there is not available games for this device..."

  • Fernando

I got problems with my sagem 301L. When I drop it over my hand with the screen looking down aprox. at 10 cms. this device shut off. Why? Is there a problem with the mechanism?

  • Anonymous

wtf?!? bluetooth but no camero :o!

  • HEAD

this phone is great(my 301L), the features are good for its price. only a little problem with the IRDA but the bluetooth works well (v1.2).
somebody could load an mp3 format on this phone?if so plz, tell me how (i tried that but didnt let me receive it by bluetooth, say "not supported file")

  • andy v.

The problem of the last call is =>Orange.
They will not fix this(but i hope in a miracle).
So,stop blaming Sagem.

  • Ady-romania

I have heard that it has problem with showing the last call. (read previous 4-5 posts). Thid Orange they fix the problems?

  • Tommy

Can someone tell me if the orange version of this phone, Sagem myPhone, does support MMS?

  • graymer

yesterday i bought it. it works flawlessly.
it does not directly display on the screen the missed calls(if there are any), but i got used to this small inconvenience very fast(... just had to press the call button). the internal recorder is decent(30 sec maximum record time).
i'm searchin for a cheap data cable on (only found for the 301x ... hope they are compatible).

a slightly bigger problem is that in the sunlight the display is hard to read. but in complete darkness the phone looks awsome.

  • Anonymous

does anyone now something about a data cable for this phone...maybe some software for conectivity with the PC

  • seb

@alfa:i don't know if the original soft on this phone has da same problem,if u bought it from orange it has the orange soft it that might be the problem so it could actually not be sagem fault .Da same happened with my 6-2 orange soft which can't save pictures and directly on da memory card so could be only orange booboo ..

  • Alfa

Hallo, I have just learned from Orange shop from Bucharest, Romania that this phone can not memorize the last call or the last beep -that means that these will not appear on display - this is an major problem , is bad that this company has produced an such phone with an such major soft problem. Really I'm fan of Sagem but this matter is very serious - many clients have made complaint related to this soft problem......Hard to accept this fact.....

  • Alain

Great phone...excelent battery life with a medium daily talk (40-50 minutes),the battery goes out in about 5 days,cool design,well manufactured,intuitive menus....good job Sagem.

  • Thierry

Message to Bogdan:
yes in the Orange network it's called MyPhone

  • Jose

Where is the email profile?
I didn't found it....

  • Robert

Message for Cristian : when a miss a call on my display apears "1 missed call"...maybe ther is some trouble with your phone.

  • cristian

when a miss a call...the message...1 missed call doesn't apear on display.there is a bug on my software?

  • Mihai

This phone has romanian language included in the language section?