Sagem my300X

Sagem my300X

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  • ANis

nice phone, I wish someone could give this phone as a gift... anyway :):):):):):) this is a very good phone :):):):)

  • Ian

I have owned a SE P900, Moto E680i and a variety of other "complicated phones". I have used various OS platforms from Symbian to Linux, so I have some substance to what I say. This phone is one of the only attractive phones today that actually includes worthwhile connectivity. I have read about and witnessed the declination of bigscreen smartphones, so I simply decided to get a small simple phone which included the connectivity to interface with an excellent PDA (Tapwave Zodiac). This phone is perfect for the person who wants a simple but quite handsome phone that will allow them to take advantage of the GPRS and other features of the phone that a good non cell phone PDA/Smartphone will need. And this phone is so much more handsome than the SLVR L6, which lacks Irda.

  • ec chong

The design looks simple but nice. But it would be grate if it's comes with a bigger memory(since MP3 is available) and a better screen instead of 65k.

  • kmlon

Yes BOGDAN ,it`s the same phone.

  • Bogdan

hi. this phone is also called myPhone? sagem myPhone?! if you know, pls tell me.

  • luckky

does this phone ring and vibrate togather cause samsung doesn't.

  • KONE

In the site of sagme, there is a black and white version as you mentionned. But it has no Bluetooth. I thinh that sagem should add more versions to this phone.

  • Abid Iqbal

Silver color is good but is it possible to arrange the combination of black & silver.Which think be more attractive.

Need your urgent commments.

  • KONE
Visit this link to know more about Sagem my300X and its sister my301X (Which have the bluetooth function). They dont have many features and much memory but they are chic and cheap enough. My300X costs 129 and My301X costs 149.