Sagem my421z

Sagem my421z

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  • Darlington
  • N@S
  • 02 Jul 2013

Please my my421z is telling me sim lock please who can help to unlock it my IMEI code is 35362302836605-4 pls help with the unlocking code

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    • Anonymous
    • N7A
    • 08 Nov 2012

    Pls a friend gave me this type of phone in ghana and since 3years now i can‘t decode the to use,can you pls help?

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      • chibata
      • fqN
      • 25 Feb 2012

      I have a sagem my421z model , and it dosent work in my country morocco , here is the PC number 287288093 , please if you can help me activate it to enable me use here in morocco.

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        • Anonymous
        • 04T
        • 01 Nov 2010

        i have this but in hello kitty version and it has radio and speakerphone here says it doesnt

          • D
          • Dimitris
          • 3A4
          • 22 Sep 2010

          Anonymous, 09 Sep 2010Can someone kindly help me with this phone please. I brough... moreit's the buuton on the right down

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            • Anonymous
            • myh
            • 09 Sep 2010

            Can someone kindly help me with this phone please. I brought this phone recently but have a slight problem.
            The manual book is not in English so I can't even switch the phone on 'cos I don't even know which button to press. I really appreciate it if someone can help me and guide me with this phone. Thanks.

              • K
              • Koss
              • nDW
              • 10 Jul 2010

              jorge, 10 Mar 2010sagem have the most better manufacturing to nokia beside, n... moreYou are right sagem phones are more durable than nokia mid level or entry levels phones. I talk from my experience.

                • j
                • jorge
                • LyI
                • 10 Mar 2010

                georgie, 13 Nov 2009worst phone i've ever purchased in my etire life. nokia app... moresagem have the most better manufacturing to nokia beside, nokia are bads phones, entry so much to tecnic service. speacker, software, etc. sagem is most better. i like one sagem more.

                  • c
                  • chewwwieeee
                  • m9%
                  • 20 Jan 2010

                  Its a really good design etc, except it is really slow but still very good value for money

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                    • =vol=
                    • IaH
                    • 07 Dec 2009

                    is there any cellphone out there that has a am radio station? its always fm station are only available in all brands. i like to have a am radio station. i like to hear more on news. guys all brands of cellphone pls invent this, to be unique to others. this is one thing to add your marketing strategies

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                      • sss
                      • TR9
                      • 26 Nov 2009

                      this phone was not waste for little money

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                        • georgie
                        • smW
                        • 13 Nov 2009

                        worst phone i've ever purchased in my etire life. nokia appears to be the leading and most reliable company to date

                          • m
                          • miss p leader
                          • 3Jd
                          • 12 Nov 2009

                          this sagem must be the worst and last sagem around
                          i had one but orange uk gave me a refund .
                          it had a fire on the charger and the handset was all brown .
                          waste of money this handset .

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                            • not telling
                            • 3Jk
                            • 31 Oct 2009

                            i have the 421z and i have to say its an ok phone its not the best but i can txt,listen to music take pics and redord vids i meam its not thr best like i said befor but its great for a young girl/boy's pressie im sure they will apreciate it ..

                            se ya

                              • A
                              • Adel
                              • q{8
                              • 28 Oct 2009

                              Actually, a very good phone. Stop repeating nonsense

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                                • Anonymous
                                • mXY
                                • 11 Oct 2009

                                I was quite happy with my phone, but then it devolped a sofware fault, and the screen was only showing a blank white screen but orange was hlpful and i am waiting for it to come back

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • nEC
                                  • 23 Sep 2009

                                  Sagem have stopped making phones since last year. However, the battery life of their phones is tops and is far better than the battery life of fancy phones of today!!

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                                    • tomodachi
                                    • tFZ
                                    • 16 Aug 2009

                                    Suck phone... Sagem is out-dated very much, no cutting edge design phones, dull phone, bad quality.. time to leave the market.. time to close down Sagem

                                      • b
                                      • big daddy
                                      • m56
                                      • 23 Jul 2009

                                      I got one of theswe for my child. Not a bad phone if you are looking for something cheap ( £20 from Orange) and cheerful as a first phone. Camera quality is dreadful. the back of case is terrible, the clips are not good at all, does not lock onto the phone very securely..

                                      Sound quality is ok and reception signal is good on (Orange UK)

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                                        • amanda
                                        • 3n%
                                        • 20 Jul 2009

                                        i have my421z hello kitty and its good it has more things that are written here,i like it