Sagem my421z

Sagem my421z

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  • mTk
  • 19 Jul 2009

hos, 13 Nov 2008HELL BREAKE LOOSE ON US, who says Sagem is closing down... ... morewhen are they shutting down please?

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    • Tia
    • mTk
    • 19 Jul 2009

    Have these phones- stopped selling if they have will you tell me how long ago please? thanks

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      • Venom
      • 0v@
      • 23 Jun 2009

      well 2 low-end SE phones are actually made with help of Sagem company W205 and F305 which aren't so bad phones

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        • peter
        • 0m4
        • 10 Jun 2009

        so sorry to hear of the demise of the sagem phone brand, this is a great loss to the mobile industry. shame once more, RIP sagem so sorry. sleep tight

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          • hello kitty
          • p7J
          • 16 Apr 2009

          I want to buy the hello kitty one and i want to know if there are any available in my country

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            • hello kitty sagem
            • 3qR
            • 10 Apr 2009

            This mobile you can buy in hello kitty design too.I have that mobile phone with hello kitty design home.I ts great.

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              • Sam
              • MuK
              • 02 Feb 2009

              David Morgan-Kane, 02 Feb 2009Has anyone noticed that Sagem use the same 1.3 Megapixel ca... moreBuy a camera then. I know that there are many good deals for cameras that will bring you best experience and value rather then any phone on the planet Earth. Can I buy a lens for my Olympus that would have a phone integrated? For my Nikon then? nope? why? I really need it, I would also like to write SMS while shooting a picture and focus at the same time!

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                • David Morgan-Kane
                • pJA
                • 02 Feb 2009

                Has anyone noticed that Sagem use the same 1.3 Megapixel camera in every handset. Also, someone said in a comment before me they wanted one, i can recomend a dozen handset that give you better value for money. the stylish looks will only be a will be bored with most Sagems after 2 weeks of having it as i was with the MYX-52. Same price range, go for a Nokia 5200, stylish and reliable. It got a crap camera, but other then that its a great phone. Check out you will find great ideas there for buget handset. (not all for girls). David Morgan-Kane

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                  • simon
                  • mx2
                  • 28 Jan 2009

                  they make great looking phones but not a single decent feature on them up the spec and make them more desireable....

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 2SU
                    • 16 Jan 2009

                    perro, 18 Dec 2008ke pasa choro nobrutor mayer pood e amsotto..khankir chele...

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                      • Igor
                      • nUk
                      • 02 Jan 2009

                      This phone not bad for little money. He also is selling how Vodafone 533.

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                        • perro
                        • iBt
                        • 18 Dec 2008

                        ke pasa choro nobru

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                          • walker
                          • LyE
                          • 13 Dec 2008

                          this sagem is beautifull, a i really likes one. but wher i can buy?. i wate to coming up here. sagem is the best manufacturin in the world.

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                            • wow
                            • Ui$
                            • 11 Dec 2008

                            WOW... this is indeed nice... if singapore got one.. sure i will buy it... too bad for me... too bad for singaporean...

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                              • microbliss
                              • TST
                              • 08 Dec 2008

                              minnie caudell, 07 Dec 2008sagem made a loss . the handsets are out of date now . ri... moreyou are absolutely right.sagem is HISTORY.where is your 5mp?wifi?gps?.somethings really wrong with engineering in this cutting edge technology era...bye sagem.

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                                • minnie caudell
                                • 0Bq
                                • 07 Dec 2008

                                sagem made a loss .
                                the handsets are out of date now .
                                rip sagem you had your days .

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                                  • katherime wicker
                                  • F4T
                                  • 20 Nov 2008

                                  beret, 12 Nov 2008My wife have a sagem 220x and i'll tell you that's the best... morewhat the hhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

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                                    • hos
                                    • fuV
                                    • 13 Nov 2008

                                    HELL BREAKE LOOSE ON US, who says Sagem is closing down... when,why,where and how? some of us are still looking for Sagem phones to buy and you what to close shop, are yo crazy Sagem? If it is cost, what costs if you can not even sell to us, open your your makert world wide and do tell us about cost we are still buying unless we say so but it is biz as usual for us

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                                      • beret
                                      • pca
                                      • 12 Nov 2008

                                      My wife have a sagem 220x and i'll tell you that's the best low entry phone,superb battery life,no restart,no switch off's,it's the build quality from such a great brand like a Sagem

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                                        • ASH
                                        • MuK
                                        • 06 Nov 2008

                                        I think there should be a protest. SAGEM can't close their phone production! Such a big loss. I always admired SAGEM! Please someone help SAGEM to stay. I so wish them to stay. I want to have SAGEM phones, SAGEM tv, I wish they were making computers...