Sagem my721x

Sagem my721x

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  • Stellan
  • Aw}
  • 02 Jun 2017

Nice-looking phone, light and thin but with the most unresponsive keynoard ever which made it pretty much unusable, which is why I have a mint example.

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    • Anonymous
    • PEq
    • 21 Mar 2012

    Malony, 13 May 2011Why can't i download application up to 200kb with my sagem7... moreI dont have sagem my721x but i hav sagem my700x masterpiece phone. I hope both sets hav same os. To download larger apps,games,videos or music use "HTTP" protocol enabled internet profile instead of "WTP" profile. Hope your problem wil b solved. Cheers. Have a nice day.

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      • kwochaka
      • mEH
      • 21 Jun 2011

      Ineed to reseting of internet and MMs

        • k
        • kwochaka
        • mEH
        • 21 Jun 2011

        I cant browser with my phone both mms.Pls, reset for my phone for me(networking and MMS).

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          • Malony
          • ftV
          • 13 May 2011

          Why can't i download application up to 200kb with my sagem721x,is very sad to see a kind of good phone like that, to be unresnable. well they tried.

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            • walker
            • LyE
            • 25 Jan 2011

            prince, 07 Nov 2010my sagem 721x can not dowmload applications.why? go to Argym web site there are somany aplication and players to your sagem my721x so ice

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              • prince
              • ftV
              • 07 Nov 2010

              my sagem 721x can not dowmload applications.why?

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                • aliyu abdullahi
                • T26
                • 05 Jul 2010

                Layo, 20 Feb 2010My sagemMy721x that i started using last year march has pea... morei dont no how to compigored the wap of my721x

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                  • Ajen-alamonia T. Ibi
                  • fuL
                  • 21 May 2010

                  I'm not regreting at the moment having picked up sagem my721x mobile phone. Well if you ask me, It's actually a plus and a marvel to the world of sagem having produced my721x model. More grease to their elbow. I see greatness in them, simply tell them (Sagem) the futures you want in a phone and am sure you will definitely get what you've asked for. You're well come to my world of SAGEM! SHALOM!!!

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                    • walker
                    • LyF
                    • 03 May 2010

                    MICHAEL, 28 Mar 2010My sagem phone I started using lasy year september has refu... morei forget, in bootstrap you have too turn the red butoom, for 5 second.

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                      • walker
                      • LyF
                      • 03 May 2010

                      MICHAEL, 28 Mar 2010My sagem phone I started using lasy year september has refu... moredownload fron the flash or update, and driver 2008.07.08_sagem_usb_driver_setup.exe next tou click oin update, next bootstrap next turn on bootom green for 5 seconds. your cel phone is live again to live 20 years more. if don live you have to update with the same for about 15 min.

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                        • cobra
                        • Mf5
                        • 05 Apr 2010

                        I got my721 about 1 year(t-mobile)and i got a some samsung too but my 721 is always turn on.Great phone,like all phones from Sagem.I was have a little problem with my batery charger and the phone was not charging with them but i was in a servis and i take a brand new batery charger(no payment caus' i'v got garantie)and now is all ok.Great camera,great design(i like a metal phones).Great job Sagem!Now i looking that i take one more model from Sagem,maybie my 521x,his don't have a camera like a 721 but is a very quality phone like all models from Sagem.I was have a lots of Nokia,Samsung,Lg and Motorola models and i must say that the Sagem will always be my number one phone!Trust me people cause'Sagem give you a lot for a real prize and do you know why?Caus' when you buy a Sagem model you buying a real quality with a lot function and you dont paying extra money for name of brand like a Nokia,Sams.,and a lot of popularity mobile phones on the market.WELL DONE SAGEM!

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                          • MICHAEL
                          • mEH
                          • 28 Mar 2010

                          My sagem phone I started using lasy year september has refused to come on. I don't know what to do. Please can anyone help me.

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                            • cudjoe gloria
                            • fuI
                            • 23 Mar 2010

                            please the language of my manual is in Deusth so i can't read it because I am in an English speaking country.Plese do something about it for me.

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                              • thomas
                              • 39C
                              • 01 Mar 2010

                              I also have a my721x and I think its a brilliant phone, its not heavy like someone said, doesn't rust because its aluminium. I also prefer this phone to the N95 because its nice and slim, also never ever had a problem with mine. I did sell the last one I had but later regretted it so had to rake through ebay to find another.

                                • L
                                • Layo
                                • ftV
                                • 20 Feb 2010

                                andy, 14 Feb 2010you have to put it in landscape mode and not portrait..My sagemMy721x that i started using last year march has pealed and d Wap is no more functioning and i want a solution 2 that.

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                                  • Thomas Ejededawe
                                  • mtv
                                  • 16 Feb 2010

                                  Is there a way the volume of the phone could be adjusted upward so that i can hear very clearly while phoning?

                                    • a
                                    • andy
                                    • 3Jp
                                    • 14 Feb 2010

                                    2.0, 26 Feb 2009my version is T-mobile AND when you flip it you can see its... moreyou have to put it in landscape mode and not portrait..

                                      • c
                                      • chuck
                                      • fuN
                                      • 04 Feb 2010

                                      my sagem my 721x t mobile version is sort of rusting. The metal part turns black when it comes into contact with sweat. is there a fake of this fone? i ve been using it 4 3 months now!!!!

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                                        • Mike
                                        • MCF
                                        • 12 Jan 2010

                                        All of the functions for the phone work very well. The camera takes excellent hi res photographs,but obviously you need to hold the phone very still while taking a snap. The blue tooth transfer of multi media to /from the phone also works very well.I use the alarm to wake me up every morning and I use the radio alot too.

                                        I wish it had wifi capability, but that will be on my next phone ;-)
                                        (All in all, it is the best phone I have had so far.My previous was the Sagem My x5-2)