Sagem MY X6-2

Sagem MY X6-2

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  • monty

i had this phone since i was in high school im just wonderng where can i get an xtra battery to buy? and i cant able to use it to change for another sim card only my old sim card accepted..please reply on my email at

  • HM

Hi , i have a sagem myX6-2 but i can't change the option of silence , it always silent , it doesn't change i try many times ,please help me , this phone is so good i like it , i lost the sound in it , How can i return it . thanks

  • Skiper 05

i have a sagem X6-2 but i can't connect to intenet alway DATA connection failed, What i must do to activate it? pls help

  • pp

best the best

  • AnonD-44127

I'm using this phone from over 6 years. It's fantastic.

  • suresh prajapati

i have sagem my x6-2 so grett. but my misteck i go to seting and it mobile ded no sound,no disply plz help me.
suresh prajapati

  • Sandri

I LOVE this phone, i used it for 5 ears too !!! realy, i agree that it's very durable strong, only ... i need to change the body. I LOVE it

  • Gio

Had it a few years a go, It was I legend during its time.It was the cheapest phone with a memory card an when it played mp4 video, nobody had that on their phone Mine was orange branded. Great phone, but at least mine was slow and if it was faster and had multitasking I'd still have one today.

  • kamal malaysia

this phone was very excellent coz i'm using it since 2006 until now (2011). Only that now I'm trying to look for the battery, if you have one, please let me know.

  • Anonymous

this phone is durable..i used it for 5 years++ without even replace the battery...

  • Anonymous

my phone keeps loosing network after every 6+minutes. No technician can solve this problem. What should i do?

  • AnonD-1078

Vasi, 19 Dec 2009I had one myself. And my friend had one, but mine was from ... moreBest comment ever

  • AnonD-1078

It was a good phone.

  • k

My cell phone is ill i think,it dose not bring out names stored on my smart card,4 no reason.

  • vishal

DIYA, 18 Sep 2010please i have been trying to configure the gprs on this myx... moreDear Diya,

i will mail you plz check

  • DIYA

please i have been trying to configure the gprs on this myx6-2,please can you help me to configure it,am from nigerian,this is my mobile phone number +2347062848554.please kindly reply to my phone number or my mail address

  • Suresh Prajapati

I have sagem my x6-2 handset. There is some problem in the handset so that it doesn't start up. So can you help me out what should I do? Is this software problem or hardware problem?

Please reply me on my e-mail id:

  • Andy

i had this phone a couple of years ago, i thought it was brilliant. but sadly lost charger and could not get replacement. its sadly missed

  • Felina

I like this phone.. and i have one.. im using it about few years.. but sadly, i can't used it now.. JUST BECAUSE THE COVER AND KEYPAD PROBLEM.. other still in very good condition... im looking it at many shop, online .. but still didn't get it.. :( anyone can help me where i can buy this Sagem MY X6-2 housing and keypad?? please~~

  • Wonder

The phone is good but how to get spare battery