Sagem MY X6-2

Sagem MY X6-2

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  • josh

does anyone know the price of this thing

  • eugene

I have used Sagem from the 715 series to the my x 5 and I think Sagem has done a very good job. This is the only m-phone with very high standards, they no longer make the old gray scale screens,have hands free and vibration as a standard feature,what other phone falls under this class? For those who dont know Sagem, I think the are the best phone makes, MYX6-2 is a mile stone with antouchable features, I hope the next will be the pace setter

  • herbid

What is the price of this phone in Indonesia ? Will it play MPEG 4 Video and AAC Audio ? Do we get a complete packed of data cable, software etc ?
If the answer is yes, with a reasonable price, sagem will beat Nokia and Sony, I think ...

  • Ibraheem Adeola.T

Well i know there no new product of sagem i dont like because they are always great and that the more reason why am proud to be one of sagem fanand cos i use myx7 but iwill love to use myx8 or the new pls send the price as soon as its out to mailbox or text to 234-8027056800.

  • Candy

It would cost about 140$ in the Easter Europe.

  • obaino

kudos to sagem company,u guyz are doing us a great proud we the users of Sagem phones.I use my v55 ,but I want to go for this new Myx6-2.I need the price pleae.

  • yo

it is a transflash card not a mini-SD card

  • azza

impressive to be fair sagem havent really made an impact but if this gets the right advertising it should do well if they release this asap that is...we all know 1.3 mp wont be a new thing for long, gonna be looking at 6 mp before long, this phone looks quite nice too only problem is all sagems look very similair we will have to see with this one very touch and go really for sagem sorry to ruin the party


hi, could you let me know the price of this phone.And how to subscribe for it.

  • iyke

hi i`ll really l;ike to know the price of this phone in nigeria. or if you wish you could send me the pricwein dollars.thankss.

  • Angel

This may be interesting information previous to the release:­gem-2005-en.shtml


  • Angel

This mobile is great in features and probably in price. Perhaps it will be released in april. I have a cheap My-V55 and it's very good for the price. Batery life is quite long compared to other mobiles. The screen surely will be awesome as the one of the sagem X8 is. Nice phone. Recomended before seeing one.

  • Onu

I think this phone is absolutly out of world this is a phone that u would like to have for a life time.

  • biscuit

i think it's a good phone. But do you have any ideea about its cost?
and when i'll be able 2 have 1 in romania?

  • XSO

If this was a smartphone, Sagem would have a killer on their hands.

  • IRS

just like my-x8, good phone

  • jammy

yipi its first time that i have got first post nice phone i hope price will not be too high

  • brigs

GAGEM re now waxing more strong than ever b4,but only problem is dat their ringing tone dosent loud very well d MY-X7 am useing dosent sound vry well like as u can get sonyEricsson sound, pls SAGEM do something abt dat cuz of SAGEM luvers

  • Anathaema

pretty nice design ... pretty nice features ... the battery is one to look in for (sagem is well-known for its lasting batteries)

  • gaffa=P

this looks such a great phone and has loads of great features well done sagem, woo first post!