Sagem MY X6-2

Sagem MY X6-2

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  • Wayne

Jack Fon - How can you say this phone doesn't have many features? It's got everything the Nokia 6230i has apart from FM radio (plus I think the 6230i only has 65k screen), and look how much that costs! I've got a myx6-2 for 107 off eBay. Sagem always bring out cheap phones with tons of features. They were the first to bring out a phone where you could record ringtones, alarms and text tones. I can't wait til my phone arrives. It's one of the best phones out!

  • Anis

hey! Sagem made very huge progress, I think Sagem totaly beat Nokia, Siemens, Sony ericsson, motorola, alcatel, sagem display is one of best ever, it's cameras are unique in quality, Sagem has very good design, confortible and suitible for everyone, x8 is just perfect design, this one is realy nice, "whoop whoop Sagem!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beat everyone!" in my opinion if sagem will have more users of it's production, they will provide us something very special and best ever and will be number 1 in universe. Also Sagem original menu is adorable :)

  • jack fon

this is a very bad phone. i tell you this.

it doesnt has any flash.
the camera is not good.
it doesnt have many features.

it totally sucks.
jack fon.

  • haokip

Initially i was planning for this but atlast opt for E398 which is a fantastic mp3 phone.
how is the mp3 player part... does it come near to E398 or better?

  • Gary

outlook of this handfon is to big so if can be small and cute then thishandfon will be a good sells of handfon

  • Amer

I have Sagem my x5-2 and its realy good.But This phone has many more features and a better camera and it has Mp3.Sagem phones r the BEST

  • Wayne

Does anyone know where they sell these in the UK? I've seen them online for 185 including post but i'd rather buy over the counter. I've had a myx-5, myx-6 and a myx-7 and i've loved each one. Sagem make great phones with all the greatest features.


I bought sagem my x8 on may! Its really good n very very beautiful! my friend all jealous to me cause i have my x8! I really like it! U wont feel regret ....

  • jasmien

Who knows what sort of USB-cable you need for the sagem my x6-2???

  • Nicholas

i think this is a nice phone many features averything!!! I had sagem myx3-2 myx5-2 and now i am with sagem myx7 and i can tell that sagem made a lot of progress, i think that sagem will beat nokia and sony ericsson and even siemens.


  • harsh

I really like the features of the My X-8, but after seeing this model, I am wondering which one would be a better choice? Can anyone help me with this?

  • ramandeep singh

hello! sagem my x5-2 cost nearby rs.7500 with hutch prepaid otherthan it costs nearby rs.8500 - 9000.

  • Gerald mwangi

Please assist me to indentify a genuine new sagem my-x6 in Nairobi kenya since many shops deals with second hand phones.please assist

  • haokip

Which do u think is a better buy MyX 6-2 or K700i or E398 or N3230.

  • haokip omb

I am interested in owning this phone. I used the x5-2 which is a fantastic phone for several reasons but i lost it last month.

Can some one kindly tell me the price in India. Thanks.

  • Piotras

No organiser - thats huge disadvantage.


are the ringtone loud

  • Fahmy

the phone use a t flash memory card .
and it does not have a flash light.

  • kriss

can some one tell me whether this Sagem MY X6-2 is available at Hyderabad. if so, plz drop me the details of the dealer and price of the mobile. 'am very much interested to buy this

  • Krini

About 250.