Sagem MY X-7

Sagem MY X-7

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  • alien dude

hey, which phone is best the sagem my-x7 or the smasung e800????

  • Lenny

I bought mine last week...and was so excited. how do i get sagem support for assistance on how to unlock it please .

  • Ranjan

my sagem myx7 is sim locked can any one please tell me the unlock code

  • unonamas gal

hellllooooooooooo world about 70000 people can c this u r all cool if u avbe this fone

  • Louise .A is loopy

this is a kl phone my best freind has got it n she is kl every1 should ave this phone if she has !

  • unonamas gal

soz lou i said that thought u diched me

  • 0;o) unomanus gal

she diched me on msn

my x7 is GREAT BYE IT!

  • 0;o) unomanus gal

my m8 just diched me any 1 up 4 grabs?

oh yeh my x7 rocks

  • a unonamus gal again

by the way u can unlock it by pressin * then "ok" ok! 0;o})

  • a unonamus gal

my x7 is FAB u cant beat it well mabey you can wit those posh flipy fones well thats not the point,it as every thin even recording it beats my last phone my miles GET IT if ur getin a new fone GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0:o)

  • samuel

i love the phone even i will like to have one

  • Favor

I love the phone...i picked one yesterday...but i could not unlock it. it just could not recognise our network-MTN, V-MOBILE, GLO. Somebody help me please.

  • Leonard

I have just is just fantastic.
My wife says it just fit me...
It's beautiful...cheers

  • Daly Heard

i hate the sagem myx-7 i can not use the phone code. the phone is no good PUT IT IN THE BIN.

  • Tomiwa

my x-7 is pretty cool and honestly it is the first cam phone i will use, i nvr regreted getting it. it's really cool, esp with the cam (both photo and video),just dat recording music, is not alws clear enough.


it has really good quality camera photos so i took a photo of horses having sex it iw cool

  • bob dick

i got the my x-7 and 3 weeks later it blew up into pieces in my face and i'm going 2 sew the phone but it was OK

  • fred

this phone, the my x is the crpest phone in the universe

  • matthew phillips

I just got da my x-7 and it is da best fone I ever got in my life/hint/to unlock the phone u press * then da top right button

  • ay

i prefer myx-6