Sagem myMobileTV 2

Sagem myMobileTV 2

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  • Ranjit Singh Rao

this mobile is very good

  • Mr.T roll

This phone is for baddies

  • walker

amazed, 11 Sep 2008I'm amazed, but not with the phone specs, with how supid the com... morefirst 2.1 or more this`phone is expensive, you don't going to buy becose you dont have money.

  • Bafra

martin, 20 Aug 2008the model is extremely beautiful. I do hope it compete with noki... moreIt will come soon, my brother. Together with a other new invention....the typewriter!

  • Anonymous

there are also mp3 ringtones,

  • G.Sandiba

How to set up some programms of the sagem (my Mobile TV)phone,to instol TV and its fitures,like downloud music,pics,etc?

  • me

i came across a phone that looks prety simmular to this one RBM1.or RED BULL M1.I wanna know is it from SAGEM.?And posibly a model.thancks

  • walker

i like this phone, but where i can buy, please help me.i love sagem

  • Anonymous

does anyone know where to buy this phone from in the u.k thanks

  • Anonymous

Anyone remember the Sharp 903 that came out about 4 years ago? This looks like that but with worse specs

  • Anonymous

you buy one

  • bonginkosi

this phone is tite. how does one get a phone like this???

  • bizaro

this phone sounds like a must have. from what im hearing

  • Joshua W

I had good experience with this model, just a brief hands-on touch. However, it can work. ZTE which is another company also producing dvb-h hands have done deals with H3G such as Italy-sole handsets sales F912, F908 and upcoming F928, F900.

  • Paul Melchy

they think cos they are french they can do wateva they want with their phones even if they ar years behind in their specifications & designings.They nid 2 no that they ar building phones 4 people & not themselves.

  • Davidov

GuessBoy, 20 Sep 2008I don't understand how come gsmarena didn't put the mobile Sagem... moreI don't understand this either. I've e-mailed them twice about the P9521 but no response :/

  • walker

i say too SAGEM have so many new phones but gsm arena dont know like sagem roxy, sagem porsche p521, sagem porsche p9522 and others, sagem produce phone has not broken they are good manufactured. i love SAGEM

  • Anonymous

they are french. they can do whatever they want even if they are 60 years behind everyone....why because they are french...

  • GuessBoy

I don't understand how come gsmarena didn't put the mobile Sagem P9521 where they have done this model with the collaboration of porche and was awarded best design.

  • amazed

I'm amazed, but not with the phone specs, with how supid the company is!
In the year 2008 and bluetooth version 1.1!!!
Every stupid phone has v. 2.1 or 2.0 nowadays!!
SAGEM must be ashamed of the phones it produces!!1