Sagem myMobileTV 2

Sagem myMobileTV 2

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  • Osadeba

Does my mobile tv 2 also 've streamless tv for local tv station?Pls release it in nigeria .I will need alot 4 my family.Does it have java platform?


Pls can someone tell me wen dis fon is coming to maiduguri or Abuja? How much will it cost approximatly in Naira? Thanks in advance.

  • martin

the model is extremely beautiful. I do hope it compete with nokia models. I love Sagem. Pls. when is it coming to Biafra (eastern nigeria)?

  • larry

wow finally sagem has come out with something worth having does anyone own one like this and could someone give me any facts about this handset pleeeeeeeeeeease

  • chinedu

Although i saw this phone on the internet, i know it will be great. i love sagem phones. when will this device come to Nigeria?

  • walker

i like this phone but where can buy, it will arrive to america? i have to wait. i love SAGEM its the best

  • mokoma

Segem got it all going.You now rule the world with your designs.WELL DONE

  • Roger wilco

This phone is excellent! i watch tv on it all day, people who doubt its ability have obviously never used this masterpiece & don't know what they're talking about.

  • faisel

Ha, Sagem thinks they've got it all right, what a piece of junk, wait till the N96 is released, all the other Manufacturers will fall especiall Sagem and the God forbidden Motorola

  • bak

this is the low end version of the Porsche Design phone, which was in collaboration with Sagem...not a really good phone in terms of functionality but, good attempt, with the fingerprint sensor and all... surprisingly they managed to do a good job out of that one

  • Erk

Good job from Sagem. Very good copy of the Nokia 6260. Now we just have to wait 4 or 5 years to have the copy of the Iphone by Sagem

  • zee

My friend has a mymobiletv. This is just a piece of brick that should be fitted into a wall. It would not even want to charge. She gave me the phone with the manual but damn, nothing wants to work. The customer service in SA is not even working. I've sent them a mail for help, but lets see if they will reply???????

  • andy burgin

this phone reminds me of the old Nokia 6260 an this phone looks very good indeed from Sagem,they make very good budget phones with a bit of quality,just wish they could get some sort of investment an make a top quality one Sagem

  • Anonymous

N93 is complete ripoff from the Japanese Phones years before which is exclusively in Japan.

  • Don

people always thinks that anything that's black, in clamshell formfactor and with ability to swivel is a rip-off of a Nokia N93..give the small manufacturers a break

  • Faisel

Hmm, looks good, a ripoff version of the N93 and N93i (Nokia, that is, not any other bullsh**), but it looks good, might consider buying this since it's the only decemt lookimg handset by Sagem, finally, the French have woke up to the wonders of Technology!

  • Max

yes there is another mymobiletv(it was more of a prototype).Yes SAGEM's distributers suck!!!I love SAGEM but we never can find them,only low low end ones!

  • Anonymous

my first phone was a Sagem! loved it! Sagem are cool! I just have 1 question, why is it called myMobileTV 2, is there another one?

  • Anonymous

i agree with u i haven't heard this brand before y r they not able to do advertising if they r making dis type of devices

  • Arip X8

now u,r here.i,m looking it,s very long time in GSM ARENA.tough design look superb.but it,s very sad for malaysia user.