Samsung and Harman's AI speaker launching in 2018

Yordan, 04 July 2017

Rumors of Samsung and Harman jointly working no an AI speaker are intensifying. Dinesh Paliwal, CEO of Harman International, told Korean media that a device was discussed behind closed doors in Berlin during the IFA 2017. According to Paliwal, the speaker would be better than Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Samsung and Harman are preparing an AI speaker, launching in 2018 The closest Samsung has to a smart speaker right now - the Radiant360.

IFA 2017 saw the debut of a bunch of voice-operated electronics and Samsung even added a few smart appliances to its own lineup. Yet a smart speaker is the largest project Harman and Samsung are working together after the acquisition earlier this year.

For now, Samsung has Bixby that works on the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+, along with the recently announced Galaxy Note8. The voice assistant has a dedicated button and a few cool features, but its reception hasn't been overwhelmingly positive.

Since it is slowly rolling out in languages different than Korean or English, it needs some time and user dedication to prove itself as a feasible service and a direct competitor to Google Assistant.



Reader comments

  • AnonD-698168

wait, let me ask siri or alexa what they think

  • Anonymous

Why do you guys want AI so bad? Get off your lazy butts.

  • johnny_turlow

So far, we have managed to destroy ourselves pretty good and create worse wars than previous ones, produced diseases for the profit of pharma companies and so on and so forth. with or without an AI, it will not make a difference, but perhaps it will ...

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