Samsung officially announces its chip factory in Taylor, Texas

Ro, 24 November 2021

Yesterday The Wall Street Journal reported that Samsung is looking into building a chip factory in Taylor, Texas and is in talks with the local government. Well, we didn't have to wait long for the official confirmation as today, the Korean tech giant announced its new project.

Samsung announces its chip factory in Taylor, Texas

As part of a $205 billion investment plan, Samsung is building a $17 billion factory that will provide around 2,000 high-tech jobs producing 5G, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence hardware. The company will start building the factory in 2022 and will kick off actual production sometime in 2024, as previously reported.

Samsung says that it chose Taylor due to the city's infrastructure, community development and, of course, the support from the local government.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 27 Nov 2021
  • fkx

Texas has some of the strongest IT and technology companies on the continent. Not comparable to Silicon Valley, but close. Also, it's huge. Similar expertise and facilities don't exist in most of Europe, along with extremely high taxes.

  • Anonymous
  • 26 Nov 2021
  • 6v0

Interesting. Took China 130 years to find out the manufacturing process. The word invention is only used if object is made without prior product or knowledge of prior product (it's possible for two people to invent the same thing if they have no...

You do realise that most of the work and foundations that these companies (TSMC and Samsung) rely on, to actually make chipsets comes from the USA. It's the initial investment, research, development, and funding that made it possible. If yo...

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