Samsung B7722 review: Double the action

Double the action

GSMArena team, 17 August 2010.

Shiny little box

The Samsung B7722 comes in a tiny box with some shiny writing. That’s kind of odd since the phone itself isn’t really about glamour or fashion. In fact, the shiny lettering is in stark contrast to the rather plain design of the phone. Anyway, let’s see what’s inside the box.

The B7722 retail box packs quite a lot of things. There’s a small microUSB charger, a standard microUSB data cable, the usual paperwork as well as two CDs with the Kies software.

Samsung B7722 Samsung B7722
The Samsung B7722 unboxed

You also get a headset and a microUSB-to-3.5mm-audio-jack adapter with a Call/End button and a mic.

Samsung B7722 360-degree spin

The Samsung B7722 is more than decently sized for a dual SIM touch phone. The handset measures 113.5 x 55.5 x 14.3 mm and weighs in at 112 grams. Not bad at all. The Samsung B7722 fits snuggly in the hand – the round edges make it very secure and comfortable to handle.

Design and construction

There is nothing unusual in the looks of the Samsung B7722, but that wouldn’t surprise anyone since touchscreen phones aren’t the best devices to get creative with design. It’s all black, save for the shiny dark silver frame surrounding the display. – much like the Samsung Omnia II really.

Samsung B7722 Samsung B7722 Samsung B7722
Samsung B7722 and Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3

The phone is made of plastic of decent quality: essentially the Samsung B7722 feels good to handle and looks well put together. You may even go ahead and call the design attractive but we fear it doesn’t quite fit the target audience. There’s too much Corby in the styling while the likely dual SIM users are perhaps a little older. It would be difficult to guess what’s hiding under the hood just by looking at the device.

Both the front and the back are prone to fingerprints.

Samsung B7722 Samsung B7722 Samsung B7722 Samsung B7722
Samsung B7722 looks like a standard issue full touch phone

The Samsung B772 features a 3.2” WQVGA resistive touchscreen. It’s responsive enough, but the sunlight legibility is questionable. The plastic over the screen is highly reflective and gets covered in fingerprints in no time, which doesn’t help at all. Basically the screen is only really useable indoors.

Samsung B7722 Samsung B7722
The 3.2-inch resistive touchscreen

Above the screen we find the earpiece. Right next to it, on the right, is located the secondary video-call cam. Below the display are the standard hardware buttons: Call and End keys, as along with the Back key in between. The End key doubles as a Power button.

Samsung B7722 Samsung B7722 Samsung B7722 Samsung B7722
Earpiece and secondary camera above the screen and some buttons underneath it

The left side of the Samsung B7722 accommodates the volume rocker and the microUSB port placed next to it. You can use the microUSB port to connect the charger, data cable or the enclosed headset adapter (which allows you to use headphones with a standard 3.5mm audio jack). A plastic lid covers the connectivity port.

On the right-hand side are the screen lock button, the SIM switch and the camera key.

Samsung B7722 Samsung B7722 Samsung B7722 Samsung B7722
Volume rocker and microUSB port on the left • Right-hand side: lock key, SIM selection button and camera key

The B7722 bottom features only the mouthpiece while the top is completely bare.

Samsung B7722 Samsung B7722
Mouthpiece at the bottom and nothing on the top

The back of the Samsung B7722 has the 5MP autofocus camera lens, as well as the LED flash. The speakerphone grill is also at the back of the device.

Samsung B7722 Samsung B7722
Samsung B7722 rear cover • 5 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash

Under the battery cover there is the microSD card slot. Cards of up to 8GB of storage are compatible with the B7722. And indeed, the phone handled our reasonably full 8GB microSD card trouble free.

Under the battery cover, you’ll find the two SIM card slots. Keep in mind that the 3G connection is only supported on SIM 1 so if any of your cards comes with a data plan, it would make sense to put it in the SIM 1 slot.

As for the battery, it’s a 1200mAh Li-Ion unit quoted at up to 420 hours of stand-by and up to 12 hours 50 minutes of talk time.

Samsung B7722 Samsung B7722 Samsung B7722
The SIM beds • the microSD card slot • the 1200mAh Li-Ion battery

The B7722 raises no build quality questions. We didn’t experience any body creaks while reviewing the phone. It feels solid and is very comfortable to use as well. The Samsung B7722 doesn’t look classy (read: expensive) – and maybe it’s just a bit too youthful for its target audience.

Samsung B7722 Samsung B7722
Samsung B7722 held in hand

Take the jump for a rundown of the Samsung B7722 user interface.

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