Samsung B7722

Samsung B7722

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  • rsak

Good Day to U All,
1) Can we install and run proxy software. If yes which software ?
2) Can we install and run Voip Software. If yes which software ?

Thanks in advance,

  • Anonymous

Hey those who are using this phone.....
Please tell me can we install sum additional softwares in this phone such as nimbuzz, language translator???
Please reply guys. i do wanna buy this phone, bt only after ur confirmation.

  • Greg

Good morning....

I have 2 questions the first one: does the phone recognize a SIM that includes 2 phone numbers? and I explain myself... here in Greece my phone company support the service of two numbers in 1 SIM, while one number is active the other (inactive one) diverts calls (internally in the network) to the active one for free...
so I want to keep this service with 2 personal numbers in one SIM and at the second SIM to use my company number and of course stop caring two headsets...

The second question is, if this phone can synchronize correctly contacts from Outlook, and again I explain myself ... When I define a number as "mobile" or "home-number" or "FAX" in outlook does 7722 recognize these definitions? I ask this because a have about 700 contacts and I 'm going to synchronize them via outlook from Nokia phone...

Thank you in advance!!!!!

  • Krishna

s, 04 Jan 2011Does fring , skype, nimbuzz working. Applications are installing... moreI am Sorry Mate we brought a shitphone things just does not work with this phone, PS u cannot run the softwares u i said it is a CLDC phone

  • Krishna

hi i am from india and all the enthusiastic buyers out there this is the worst infact a sequel to what u call smart phones, has everything that does not work in abundant right from browsers to apps...its a java phone but a cldc that is u cannot install any applications that are real worthfull..second and most important..i have gone to all samsung websites and none offers any apps for this phone. u can check for by itself does not consider it as their phone..even kies says no apps for this device....pathetic...request gsm reviewers to pay a little attention to details like this
please i brought this phone on your review..and i am now suffering.

this is my last samsung phone

  • Z K

is it plays you tube files?

  • shosho

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2011IS this phone have TV-out optionIt is a very nice phone but it is need to more a tractive coloures and TV out .

  • Wim


Would there be anyone willing to check their Samsung B7722 to see whether the email client allows for polling a mailbox every 10 minutes or so...

Really need this info before I will be purchasing this phone.

Thanks !!!


  • tomtom

Problems with saving camera shots on memory card. To solve this make default memory - phone memory. When you are out of space in phone, move pics to memory card. Only that way it's working ok.

  • Wim


Can I set up the device so that it automatically retrieves emails every 15 minutes ?

Thanks !

  • paks

after my samsung mobile switch off and on one error are coming

any gays idea to resolve this error
error is " 44'h,me error "

reply must...

  • Kazi Nur Alam (Russe

Is this a set of Chaina? I disappointed when I saw that the set is MADE IN CHAINA BY SAMSUNG!!!


  • Lou

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2011Maybe a stupid question, but will the phone receive SMS messages... moreyou can receive the SMS and call with out switching the Sim Card.. In My opinion standby by means when both cards are ready for use when ever you like with out changing any thing i have used Dual standby Samsung Before D880

  • manish

sat, 04 Jan 2011It's an operating system. In this model android operating system used.sat, its Properitary (SHP) OS used in this model. please do not give mis-leading info.

  • sat

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2011what is osIt's an operating system. In this model android operating system used.

  • s

Does fring , skype, nimbuzz working. Applications are installing in games. I am not able run the application directly. All the voip applications are opening through the browser. Please help me to resolve this problem

  • dharmesh

samsung b5722 is very nice mobile

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2011Maybe a stupid question, but will the phone receive SMS messages... moreyes, both sim may receive sms without switching networks, that's why it is called DUAL STANDBY

  • Anonymous

what is the default password for the phone lock?

  • Anonymous

Maybe a stupid question, but will the phone receive SMS messages from both SIM cards without switching the active SIM card ?
It is called "dual standby", but what does this mean ?