Samsung C100

Samsung C100

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  • Bilal

I need Programm To sed tones and pictures to my phone C100

  • slasher

now the phone price is around 540-580 if i am not mistaken....depends on where u buy from....

  • Widi

berapa harga hp tersebut (Samsung C100) di pasaran saat ini.

  • usman

Software can be downloaded from The software is Easy GPRS 2.1.8. Requires either data cable or IR connection. Works fine

  • monday okah

I love Samsung product, but I want to know the price of the C100 samsung product.

  • mhoshin (PHIL)

D best stuff i ever had!!!! VIva SAM-C100

  • Sundaram

It is nice and light weight.

But the sound (Rine Tone) is not good, especially in India where I live the ring tone can not be heard while you travel on public transport / Train services. Is there is any way we can increse the rine tone volume (I have already set the rine tone to the max. level).

Please let me know.


Sundaram K

  • emmanuel uwaifo.o

samsungc100 is a wonderful phone for the innovative minded individual. The phone for the real man. but how can i download pictures, ringtones, games etc into my phone? thanks.

  • goblin_gal

love my c100 except the t9 sms input. besides that, nothing else to complain. love downloading tones and pictures like there is no end to the memory through infrared.

  • Tufail Shaikh

This is simply the great set i ever seen in mine hands !:)

  • Ben

Does one need data cable to hook up to the net when using a PC?

  • herodot^[

is the best phone i ever had. but i don't understand why is not so known. i have a questions: it has a date cable or not? and what about the kit for instalation.

  • manish

its cool and trendy
what to say fully loaded
i wanted to know before purchase that how many tones can be saved after downloading from the net.

  • kehinde kolawole

the samsung c100 is a nice set, vevy beautiful set i like it i need i want to buy just three can you give me the price, let me know how much you are

  • HARI

This mobiles lacks only one thing i.e MMS

  • adigun kazeem

i,m just about to buy Samsung C100 and i've just been informed that the phone selects SIM,ie it does take all SIM CARD.Kindly let me know whether this is true or not.Thanks.

  • tosin

well the phone is one and only my choice

  • FSR

the c100 samsung is the best

  • Rana JAwad

hi my name is rana jawad and i have a c100
its is very beautiful mobile set and i am very happy to get the c100.please send me the software of samsung c100 mobile.and poly fonic tones.

  • max

hi please give me the price c100 where i have to buy this