Samsung C3300K Champ

Samsung C3300K Champ

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  • ravi

@Shars, go to contacts, there on the top , you can find three option, 1)contacts 2)groups 3) favourites. In favourites you can add contacts to the widgets.

  • Anonymous

does this ph support mxit?

  • Shars

Does any 1 knows how to add Buddie list in the widgets? I added a buddy and removed. Now when i try the same method I could not get a Buddy added to the widgets.

  • jayvee

i brought my champ c3303 last friday august 27. 2010. it is touch screen i am having a very time consuming in typing a message... well... napag aaralan aman ... nakaklito iba napipindot ko... hehe dame kc katext...

how about the game here?? do i need a code?

  • Anonymous

Great cheapest touch mobile in this world now.
This is about price and brand merk only.

  • deepak

great phone in such a low cost

  • dev

Ashim, 28 Aug 2010Sound is very good and clear But i m not able 2 coonect it wi... morehis phone connect your pc that pc studio plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........

  • Ashim

jitu, 28 Aug 2010ok can you tell me abt sound of this set with earphone and with... moreSound is very good and clear

But i m not able 2 coonect it with my pc for internet

  • jitu

Archana, 26 Aug 2010its a cool and stylish looking mobile.i bot 1 on 20th aug. its l... moreok
can you tell me abt sound of this set with earphone and without earphone?

  • Parvez

dilip, 27 Aug 2010what is different between 3300 &3303 &pls any body help ... moreIt's same.Country wise different Model..........

  • Aalok

Alisha, 25 Aug 2010Hey guys I got this phone for my b'day on 23rd. I really like it... moreCAn u tell me any problem wit this phone..???

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2010You forgot to say: Samsung champ = 65 Nokia C# = 115 (... moreHaha but in my country this champ is about 100 USD and c3 is about 110 USD.. So it make sense to compairing.. :)

  • jen

sam, 22 Aug 2010i cant connect to the internet, i cant open any website what sho... moreyou need to activate ur gprs first,,before you could browse the web...

  • jen

vineeth, 24 Aug 2010its nice phone i got yesterday for 4,200 superb audio clarity. wow really?! where did you bought it? would you mind telling me, i'll buy another 1 for my hubby...thanks!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2010can you use applications such as facebook,skype with this cellphone??yep, u can access fb on it u can go to menu and see under communities the web pages you can access....

  • jen

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2010how's mobile browsing w/ this phone?its a littele slow and sometimes u'll be kicked out of the access, and u'll always see retry u have to be patient about it....

  • Anonymous

jsj_mtbi, 26 Aug 2010I just got mine today August 26, 2010. It's cool, very light ... morethat's great!! but it'll be cheaper if you'll buy it in cash....

  • jen

TOPENG, 27 Aug 2010Hi all, i've read so many comments, but still leaving 1 : does C... morenope, it doesnt supposr multi tasking and the browser is a little slow just to add as an fyi...

  • HK, Mumbai, India

Hi, I feel the LG cookie Fresh is better with larger screen size. I happened to hold one of my friend's Samsung Champ and I felt a little awkward to use because of the screen size - while scrolling it kept on selecting various icons. Though external FM reception is good. One more unique aspect that I experienced is although there is an widget option for 10 photo contacts, it showed up only 4 and the rest were not visible. NOt too sure whether there is some settings issue.

  • jen

well, its handy and its really cheap. just bought mine last 21aug10, i got mine with free 2gb of micro sd...easy to use but it doesnt support multi tasking...i just hope that accesories for it will be available soon...i hvent tried it yet with music...will try to download some soon...