Samsung C3300K Champ

Samsung C3300K Champ

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  • Anonymous

Bought the CHAMP today, nice touch screen phone, worth what I've paid for. It is Rupees 7700 in Karachi. Screen is BRIGHT, and there are seven screens that you can slide and put it as Main Screen. Sound is excellent, thanks for its STEREO SPEAKERS.

  • adzer

i like the espresso color and i'm a fan of stereo speakers that's why i'm planning to dump my LG BRIO for this CHAMP!

  • Anuj

I want to buy a new set nokia 5233 or samsung champ ,which one i prefer first..

  • Mr. Reddy.

Yesterday i purchased this phone in india for 4250/- i would like to say following;
a)Thanks to samsung "design" engineers
b)Bright screen
c)super performance (at least for the price you put).
d)For giving 3.5mm Jack support.
e) connectivity and sound clarity.
a ton other cool featurs for that low price.
It's clearly value for money.

i call it really a ' C H A M P ' .

once again thanks to samsung engineers and JPEG is group for providing free software.

  • pokemon

in india it is for 4100/-

  • khoclux

hendra_plasma, 27 Jul 2010this phone is sucks!!I hate this phone..because of this phone..s... more100% agreed

  • tim

the price in hong kong is HK$888

  • akash from nepal

samsung c3300k champ prices in nepal rs.6,500

  • pinas

i got this phone around 5400 pesos here in the Philippines, the phone is nice to me since its just cheap around that price range, the UI is nice and simple that has some small similarities like corbys themes and the camera quality is just right so is the sound quality, ive tried java games here and they worked pretty well, i recommend this phone for you standard usage only

  • MilanM@Kolkata

what is the sms holding capacity of this handset ??

  • Pankazz

dipti, 26 Jul 2010shud i prefer nokia 5233 or samsung corbyU should prefer nokia 5233 than corby. Because corby lacks operating system and 5233 is symbian. So loads of games and apps. Sound in speaker in 5233 is lesser. But headphone rocks. Better touch, screen,memory expanding and great video rec. And playback are the better aspects of 5233 . So i prefer 5233

  • akash from nepal

samsung c3300k champ prices in india rs.4,050 available in india source:­ory.jsp?&id=8562&s=6&sid=149601263&a­mp;pv=0&cat=Mobile

  • hendra_plasma

this phone is sucks!!I hate this phone..because of this genoa disappeared in indonesia market..the price is more expensive then genoa but the specification is very poor compare than genoa (the only good in this phone the accelerometer feature), the other is bad!!resistive touch screen, 2.4 inch screen, no DNSe

  • Dinesh

Hi All, samsung champ one of the greatest mobile with cheap price,

Music quality, headset quality, touch, style, with stero speaker FM every thing is very cool, camera is ok coz 1.3 mp, video quality is bad compare to nokia.

Note: No one can offer this kinda mobile for this cheapest price,,, samsung is rocking

Experience the touch guys

  • dipti

shud i prefer nokia 5233 or samsung corby

  • RuSt

Sunburn, 23 Jul 2010Priced at $89 in VietnamWhere can I but it and which capacity of memory card includes?

  • your mom

Brionac, 14 Jul 2010Without any OS to brag, this definitely is a waste of money. Ple... moredo i really need a branded OS when i does everything i asked it to do?

  • musau

it is cool bt ive got a samsung C3303 which is almost the same but hasnt been released

  • Sunburn

Priced at $89 in Vietnam

  • Vikky

It's an Excellent Handset. At low cost touch screen with so many features. I would Prefer Every one go's for it.

And once again SAMSUNG would Rock the Market with " CHAMP "