Samsung C3300K Champ

Samsung C3300K Champ

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  • vusto

its great.i say this coz i hav it ,its portable,cute &basicaly thz who say otherwz go check ìt out

  • me

I'd recommend you to buy only if you want a phone just for talking and messaging (the second isn't very good as it has very limited inbox memory; I couldn't even receive a message sometimes!). Oh, and music. Its speakers are very good, to be just. But do you know what happened to me? I had lost its headphones one day and I really needed them the next, so I went to an electronics store and ask them for headphones for this mobile. They made me try a couple but they told me that it would be difficult to find headphones for this particular phone. Needless to say, I didn't find in any store I went (and not a neighborhood store, some of the big ones). Another bad thing about this phone is its camera. Only 1.3 megapixels??? And say I'm okay with the photos... what about the videos? There is no way you're gonna record a video with this and you'll also be able to see it. And do you know what else? It says it suppots MP4 videos. Don't believe it. I turned the videos I wanted into MP4 and still they didn't play. Its pad is also very bad, my fingers hurt and the stylus tip didn't do any good! The phone caused me trouble when I really needed it so in the end I'd had enough and went for a new one.

  • Manish

Bad mobile dont buy it bad touch and also the quality of screen

  • deep

Anonymous, 04 Apr 2012pliz help me i forgot my phone passwordnice mobile

  • Victim

lodz05, 22 Jan 2011I have problem on my CHAMP, from its PERMISSION settings it wont... moreI have the same problem but just for the last couple of months before that i could choose and select any of the four options given no solution now :(

  • anurag

dont ever buy this phone ... this is worst phone of samsung.. no multi tasking.. no nimbuzz and ebuddy works .. no download of video or music ... no access to you tube.. screen only supports 3gp videos.

  • Akash

my champ is hsowing msg that subject cn do not match while browsing facebook

  • AnonD-39044

And also, when I record video or voice, the sound of the recording seems to be low than usual.After I fully recharge my phone, it become normal again.Is it has something to do with the battery ? Your replies are highly appreciated.

  • amy1405

And also,when I record a video or voice, the sound seems to be low than usual and after I fully recharge it,it became normal again..Anybody please Help me ???

  • amy1405

Also,when I record a video or voice,the sound seems to be low than usual..Anybody,please HELP ??? I really love this phone !

  • amy1405

Hi, why my phone cannot hear background noise properly when making calls ? Is it normal for this phone ?

  • Mel

I would like to know how to set up my hotmail account onto my phone, everytime I try to set it up, it tells me that the network is unavailable

  • Ann

does this phone can't support themes??

  • prasen

Can i saw youtube videos from samsung c3303 plz help

  • suvi

its awesome

  • Anonymous

the phone is great

  • maru

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2012i cant download opera mini plz help meto download go to

  • Anonymous

Niteshkhandal, 01 Mar 2012I am unable to download any video by opera mini what should I do.i cant download opera mini plz help me

  • Anonymous

Sivakumar.d, 13 Mar 2012I can't view videos from youtube and other website. Any chanc... moredownload adobe flash

  • responder

Anonymous, 04 Apr 2012pliz help me i forgot my phone passworddont worry ,simply dial star hesh 56658378 hesh ,then scrol down to the text that says reset phone password ,click ok nd r pasword wil be resert to zeros