Samsung Ch@t 322

Samsung Ch@t 322

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  • Anonymous

The yahoo messenger application in d phone doesn't work.

how to start it i have tried it using dolphin and airtel but it shows connecting for 45min.
pls tell???

  • Anonymous

Can any one tell me, Whether this phone has the call recording option or not........?
Not recording, I want to know call conversation recording......

  • Anonymous

Can I use Samsung Ch@t 322 as modem over bluetooth?

  • Anonymous

nys androids battery is so less to the point of discouraging.. but chat is nys.. i can listen to great music and browse the net anytime without minding the battery.. i will buy another high end phone..but this gonna keep it

  • AnonD-5232

Hey guys, I've had this phone for a week and I say it is decent. It's sleek, the cam is good and the QWERTY keypad ain't a problem at all.
There are a few issues though, like all the apps that you try to install get loaded onto the phone memory, and there's no option to change that to mem card, that's a downer I guess. I tried quite a few things, sadly though, I couldn't do anything about that. Maybe I need to ask Samsung to sort that out.
Then there's the music player- you cant forward or rewind the songs, that's a bit disappointing. Well that's about it.

  • noknok

manoj, 31 Mar 2011whats is better nokia x2-01 ya samsung chat x2-01

  • missoptimistic

Arafat, 24 Mar 2011Its a nice phone. Samsung made a great phone ever who like dual... moresomeone was complaining that dual sim is not dual incoming who wld want two calls at once, think it being dual works where there is a variety of networks and want to enjoy all advantages.

  • AnonD-3184

Azhar, 01 Apr 2011Msg capacity is 1000 smsare u sure??
1000 is phonebook capacity and 200 is the message capacity. this is what i 'm told,,, i dont own the phone..

  • erry29

hi guys!!!

i am not able to install acrobat reader in ch@t322 ,how do in install.....

  • cherricharan

manoj, 31 Mar 2011whats is better nokia x2-01 ya samsung chat Samsung Chat is far better as nokia x2-01 has a VGA camera and it gets attacked by virus quickly

  • aadil

can anyone tell how to lock the keypad with security code in this phone... plzzz help...

  • Azhar

Hi friends,
I have downloaded Nimbuzz & Ebuddy but unable to connect. Whenever i start those applications, it gives me connection error. Can anyone pls help.
Thanks all.


  • Azhar

AnonD-3184, 31 Mar 2011heard its message memory is just 200messages. can we increase th... moreMsg capacity is 1000 sms

  • new

i think chat is having lots of problem with its software.
where ever i read i find only problem mentioned with its usage

  • Anonymous

which phone is da best dual sim phone currently ?

  • butt

does samsung chat 322 support skype ?

  • AnonD-3184

heard its message memory is just 200messages. can we increase the message memory in some way like increasing the java memory?

  • Nash

AnonD-4720, 27 Mar 2011I would like to buy a dual sim phone I have visited many websuti... moreDefinitely Motorola, chat is absurd.

  • Nash

Guys beware !!! Samsung Ch@t 322 is a worthless phone, never buy it, it qwerty sucks, as Samsung deliberately made it cumbersome, unfriendly to use, and keyboard slow to hell as Samsung wants you to migrate to Wave etc. So better buy a Blackberry 8520 by investing 4000 Rs. more, cos 4500 Rs that you are going to spend on this just like throwing the money into gutter !!!!

  • manoj

whats is better nokia x2-01 ya samsung chat