Samsung cuts Galaxy S22 prices in India

Ro, 04 February 2023

As it's usually the case with older flagships, prices drop once their successors launch and that's what Samsung did in India for its Galaxy S22 smartphones. However, only the smallest of the S22 family can be purchased at a discounted price, whereas the Galaxy S22+ is discontinued, while the Ultra is selling at its usual price.

Samsung cuts Galaxy S22 prices in India

The vanilla Galaxy S22 now goes for INR 57,999 starting price, while the 256GB option will set you back INR 61,999. Originally, these cost INR 72,999 and INR 76,999, but of course, those were launch prices from a year ago.

Those are the official prices on Samsung's own web store in India, but third-party retailers have them for even less. And as we already said, the S22+ is kind of hard to come by, suggesting that the whole S22 series will be around until stocks last and will soon be discontinued, so you better hurry.

Even though it's a year-old flagship family, the Galaxy S22 is still pretty capable. In fact, one would argue that the new Galaxy S23 series offers a marginal upgrade at a higher cost. Moreover, Samsung's extended 4-year software support makes an even stronger case for purchasing the older flagships.



Reader comments

  • Bio
  • 06 Feb 2023
  • vGc

I bought S22 256gb 3 weeks before the launch of S23 series at Rs. 52,999. The 128gb was even less on online stores. Bang for buck, cannot beat this (if you want to stay with Android).

  • Rkm
  • 06 Feb 2023
  • FY0

As a person who had used both Asus and Motorola midrange phones with sd636 and sd732g, the experience were nearly identical imo.

Well had Moto X4 for like 4 years now a daughter of my neighbour uses it for 2 years it still perfectly working even its updates are long time gone. Motorola updates are maybe bad but since its pure android experience it doesnt matter because phon...

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