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Samsung D500

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  • kt

No voice activated dialling - what's all that about! Lovely to have bluetooth but what good is a bluetooth headset when you have to pick up the phone to dial the number. Shame, really liked everything else about it!

  • Stephanie

I want to know what the price is of the D500 in the UK and when will there be a better version available of the D500 in South Africa

  • Wolf

I want to know when samsung d500 will be avaible in Romania and how much it will cost approximately.
10x and i hope you'll answe me.

  • Jay

Yes, its true in memory that this phone does not dissapoint. Compare the built in memory to many other phones and you will see a huge difference. Memory card slot though would have been a real bonus. But if you will be regularly using your pc to exchange data with the phone then its enough for you.

  • dennis

I want to ask when the Samsung D500E will be available in Malaysia?And what is the price?Is it more expensive than D500 around RM100 to RM300.One important's thing that i want to ask is D500 or D500E has chinese version or not because i m chinese,i will receive most message by chinese fonts from my friend or family...I really like this phone,i hope the Samsung D500E in Chinese version will be available in Malaysia as soon as possible.

  • Gaesek2

Is there a big difference of size comparing to E630? Which one do u guys think its worth to get?

  • Clare

can you transfer real music files with the d500, i know you cannot with orange as my mate has it, does it work with o2 or voda?

  • jay

N T Preece

thanks for your help!!

  • N T Preece

To Stacey,
Unfortunately, the Samsung D500 is only available with the silver outline on the Orange network. All other networks, e.g. O2 and T-Mobile only stock it in the full black colour. However, I currently have the D500 on an Orange contract but I highly recommend that you stick to O2 or another company because Orange tends to fiddle with their handsets, e.g. many menu options are disabled.
Overall, this handset is very good (or excellent) and is far superior to most handsets on the market today. Just don't get it on an Orange contract.

Hope this helps!

  • N T Preece

Actually, both amounts of memory are theoretically correct! The D500 has 96Mb of SHARED memory, but 80Mb of FREE USER memory (free space). However, the preloaded video clips and MP3s that come with the phone CAN be deleted therefore the FREE USER memory can be increased to 96Mb!

Hope this helps!

  • T

does anyone have a picture receaving problem with the d-500 or i'm the only 1 ? if any one knows how to fix it olease tell me ......ex.....i got a multimedia message from a friend of mine and i cant open in is said uknown subscriber..???????????

  • jay

what is the memory for the phone? is it 96 or 80 MB? I read different things from different sites, can someone let me know!! thanks!!

  • aky

Since I have my own Samsung D500 i can say that it is a good phone. Picture quality is good and the video recording is totally ace. I would say its worth the price. iv also got a nokia 6230 but the samsung is jst ace n far much better.

  • Anonymous

is it out in singapore yet? if yes where and how much?

  • phallaz

I've just got it and it works very well!! I like it a lot!

  • Alan

Damn, this phone is sellin fast! The shops are running out of this phone every time they get their stock in. This just shows how many people are interested in it.

  • The Sales Consultant

As a owner of the d500 and a sales consultant for the leading company in the world CARPHONEWAREHOUSE!i think the samsghd500 is the best handset,the e700 was big but the d500 has taken the market,Ok its not fully bluetooth but still Well Done to samsung on such a wonderful handset!

  • Stacey

Can u get this fone with a silver outline? cos i jus ordered it from 02 and its black. picture kinda looks like its got lights shining on it but i fort it was silver.

  • Kricket

well - ive noticed a lot of people are having troubles with their d500's - im glad im not one of them - i guess i must have gotten the newest firmware or something

and the comparison between the d500 and the 6681? they are completely different phones - no regular series 40 phone will EVER be able to do as much as any symbian phone - symbian phones are by far the most versatile cell phones out there - as far as viruses go - youll only get a virus if your stupid enough to accept a bt transmission out of the blue or upload some software that you bought on a $10 cd off of ebay

basically - as long as youre not a complete moron - you wont get a virus on your s60 phone

but out of the s40 phones - the d500 is one of my favorite - i consider the s40 phones my "backup" phones and this thing is the best backup ive ever had - bar none...

  • Bill

For its size and weight id take the D500 over the Nokia 6681, because im not really interested in a symbian. I want a phone that is not vulnerable to viruses!